Estepona and Marbella

22nd May 2015

I was coming by bus from Granada and had a bad seat most of the trip. In Malaga I was able to change my place, because there were not so many passengers anymore. Though I had a better view for the rest of the trip. I was expecting to go by the seaside from here, but we did not most of the time. We were coming through the city of Marbella and I was so disappointed. It did not look nice at all, just apartment houses and industries. They areas did not look like to be well maintained. At the bus station in Estepona my cousin (and god mother) Ursula and her husband were waiting for me. It was sunny, but very windy I felt now. They were there by their car and easily took me to their home with my luggage. The told me on the way, that the found a very dirty apartment, when they arrived two days ago, because there had been a fire in the garage under the house and ashes were spread by the ventilation system. The day before they had a maid helping them with the cleaning. I was happy, I could be with them anyway. I have not seen them for years even they normally live close to Hamburg. At their apartment they showed me around and also the room, of course, where I can sleep the two following nights.




We went out for a dinner in Estepona this evening. They took me to a fish restaurant, of course, because Estepona is on the sea-side. Unfortunately I had to choose another dish by my allergy against fish and seafood. I ordered a “solomillo” instead, what is a kind of “snitzel”. Half of it I took home in a “doggy bag”, because this was too much to eat for me – as usual. We finished the day by a talk at their’s home and were to bed around midnight.


23rd May

After a calm and late morning with a great breakfast at my cousin’s we went out for buying a ticket for my next destination, Sevilla. My cousin had to visit a doctor, but for nothing serious. When these was done, we went to Marbella for sightseeing and they showed me the nicer parts of the town – the old city. They invited me again to a restaurant. This time we ate Basque tapas and they were a little different, but quite similar to the ones in Barcelona. At this restaurant the waiter is going around with different kinds of tapas and you can pick what you want. All tapas had a little stick with different kinds of symbols on the top and you have to pay after the sticks you have, because different tapas has different prices. They offer warm and cold tapas. Unfortunately we started with the cold ones, which we chose at the bar. When the waiter was coming around with the more interesting tapas, we could not take so many. It was a perfect meal for me, of course, because one only pays for as much one eats. There will not be doggy bags or left overs.




After this famous lunch we went back to their home. Around two hours later we went out again for a sightseeing of Estepona and a dinner at a Moorish restaurant. At this restaurant my cousin and her husband chose a typical Moorish meal (it looked like goulash served with cous cous). I asked for a half sized one of it, but they told me, that is not possible – even it was possible for other kinds of meals. Though I unfortunately chose a kid’s meal – fried chicken and fries. When the Moorish meal was served for my relatives we thought, that it easily should be possible to serve a half portion, too. Afterwards we strolled around in other areas of Estepona. The community had decided that Estepona should look nicer and therefore the citizens of the town put flower pots in the streets and each street has an other theme.




I could have walked for longer and would have liked to see more, but my relatives want to go home. I agreed with that, thinking about that he has filled 80 and she is 78 years old. Furthermore she has had a surgery before coming to Estepona. I am happy, they are still going strong like they do and I hope I will be in that good shape in that age, too. We spent the rest of the evening in their living room and went to bed around 11pm.


24th May

This day was my last day in Spain. I am sure, I will come back, but it will pass years until that. I had to be up early for catching my bus in time, so did my cousin and her husband, because she was delighted to serve me one more breakfast and he was driving me to the bus station in Marbella. My cousin also sent a lunch pack with me and a bottle of water. At the bus station the bus was not announced right and the clerk, which we asked, told us, that the system is now, though we should not care about it. The coach was not in time either, but finally I was on it and I had a window place.