19th May

Arriving in Toledo around 10am I walked the town, which is very hilly. Though I also was going by the Zocotren for getting an overview of the most important sights and buildings. Afterwards I walked around some more time and was looking at the train station as well. On the way to the train station, one will get some more impressions.



Castle of Toledo


I continued at 16:15 by Alsa bus at a cost for 9 EUR to Ciudad Real, where I had to change the bus for going further to Valdepeñas, my destination for this day, where I have got another host. Unfortunately none could tell me in Toledo if there are buses at all from Ciudad Real to Valdepeñas. Finally arrived in Ciudad Real – which I only saw from the bus and where a statue of Don Quichote catched my eyes – I found easily a bus to my further destination. It was departing at 19:15 and arriving in Valdepeñas at 20:30. Though I had around one hour waiting time in Ciudad Real, what was not enough time for taking pictures in the city. The ticket for this bus was for 4,77 EUR I still can read on a nearly bleached one. The route was throughout the mountains with famous formations and views as well as the other routes have been.

There is a good photograph of the monument of Don Quixote de la Mancha and Sancho Panza.


For more photos of Toledo, please follow the link pictures.

For following me futher on my trip, please use the link for Valdepeñas.

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