Cristo de las Noas

Cristo de las Noas is a statue in Torreón in the Mexican state of Coahuila. Noas are a kind of cactus. I have been in Coahuila and Torreón before, but did not have the opportunity to see the statue close by. Even the museums were closed, when I was there, though I decided to take […]

Durango – the State of the Movies

Actually on Mondays museums are closed in Mexico and I used the time to update my blog – all the days for Durango including photos and links. The site is a little about the state of Durango, but more of the city Victoria de Durango as well as the scenery for the Wild West movies, […]

Mazatlan (Sinaloa)

Even my record for my visit of Mazatlan is totally finished now. Enjoy!