Quintana Roo

7th May 2018

Coming from the state of Yucatan, this bus ride was not so interesting like the last one. It added not much, but a church in violet colour. The bus arrived ca 3:15am. I bought a small and cheap ice cream and was looking for a bathroom. The one I saw was on the second floor without elevator and escalator. I was looking for a bathroom for disabled people, but did not find one, though I tried to find a restaurant. When I saw a Soriana supermarket, I was thinking about to try there, but then I saw an McDonald’s restaurant. I chose it and walked there. Finally my turn in the queue, I had to order the meal at a counter, where the cashier just started his shift. I could see, that he had not much change, but could not imagine, what would happen. I ordered a meal and had to pay 83 MXN (again this, that I tried to order a cheaper one). Anyway that was not important. The cashier asked me if I have a smaller note, but I had not. Though he asked me, if I have three pesos. I did not have that either, but five pesos, which I gave him and got two pesos back. He counted the notes in the cash, put them back in there and served the next customer. I asked him for my change and he gave me one (1) pesos. I told him, he owes me 120 pesos. I have got 16 pesos now, but gave the 1 peso coin back, with the other 15 still on the desk and told him, the one should be a five peso coin and in all it should be 120 pesos. An American asked me in English, what is the matter, though I told with high voice, that I had to pay 83 pesos, paid 205 and got only this, holding up the 2 pesos coin. I also told the cashier, that I will talk with his box. Another employee was going for change, but their was none without a 100 pesos note, which he gave to the cashierlmq1 additional to the original 200 pesos note. Than he first gave me twenty pesos and finally, after that I told him, that there still was 100 pesos missing, the 100 pesos note. The cashier did look at me like I had stolen money for him. I do not know if I ever will go to a McDonald’s restaurant again.

My hosts Alberto and Alejandro live close to the bus station, though I was going back there and continued in the other direction. By the way I had to cross a very busy roundabout without any help for pedestrians to cross. There were actually ramps for wheelchairs etc, but the street had a green in the middle with high curbs, an impossibility for them to come over. I found a street with the right name and messaged Alberto, that I am there. He messaged back, that he is working until 6pm, though my answer was, that I know and he had not to change anything, which made him happy. Anyway he told me, that he lives in no 9, a house with a grey door. I was at number 8. That street had no number 9, but there was a street with a similar name, though I was looking there as well. No number 9 there either, but close to both streets is a green with benches. Now I was looking for a bench in the shade, sitting down. Then I messaged Alberto, that I am in that park and he may meet me there, which he promised and did. We had a chat to get to know each other, Alberto a shower and was then taking me out on a local place for a meal. Afterwards we had a walk, even to the Town Hall. Cancun is a young town without church across the neither non existing government building nor the existing town hall, because the capital of Quintana Roo is Chetumal.


8th May 2018

I was up around 8am, when Alejandro also was awake, because he is coming home from work late in the evenings, I try not to disturb him in the morning. He prepared breakfast for us with real Mexican coffee, omelette (no scrambled) with a filling of tomato, a kind of chili, which is not hot spicy, cheese and avocado. He also served toast till, which he makes on the pan, but is very good. After making the dishes (I was not allowed to do), he went out to make a pair of extra keys, though I can go and come like I want. I had told him, that I will go to the Maya site El Rey and that I afterwards may go to the beach. Therefore he made a sandwich for me (with salad, tomato, avocado, ham and cheese) and told me, that there is no possibility to buy anything. Furthermore he asked me to take a fruit with me – I chose a banana. He also asked me, if I have water and sun protection, which I told him, I have and also showed him the anti-insects gel. Because I wished to take a swim, I asked him, if I need to have an ID with me, he answered I should have any. For the size, I took my Swedish driver’s license. Alejandro brought me to the bus and told the bus driver to call at the bus stop for El Rey. It is the same one for the beach “Playa Delfines”. The bus ticket was for 12 MXN (that is the usual price here). I checked with the gps how far we were. The ride took a quite long time.

Well at the Maya site El Rey I had to pay 55 MXN for the admission. Even I only paid with a 100 peso note, he had no change. He gave me 50 pesos back, but closed the visitors book 😯. Even at this site was a guide waiting in the hope, visitors will have use for him. I did not. As usual I read about it on the internet. This site is not very well-known, though I read about it in Spanish at the site of the government of Quintana Roo. Of many ruins only platforms were excavated, but there were two other buildings, where I could see more. This site is not special, it was built in the style of Chichen Itza, but once so close, I had anyway to see it.


El Rey Archaeological Site


On the site was also a place for rest. Sitting there, having some water, I saw a family passing. The father did beat his around 10-year-old son with his belt. The son was screaming every time the father beat him and then crying. The father was so angry. He told the son, if he would not stop (with what, I do not know, but it seemed not to be the kids screaming and crying, more that he was not close enough to his parents) he would beat him more. I was close to tell the father, he should not hurt his son, but by not knowing the Mexican culture good enough I did not do that.

On my way out of the site, I asked the cashier (no another one), if he can change 10 pesos and paid the rest of the admission fee. I also was asked of him, to sign the visitors book. Furthermore I asked him for the Maya museum. Alberto and Alejandro had told me, that there is a museum close to the site. The cashier told me, two kilometers back into town. I thought it was close to the access to the Playa Delfines, but could not find any there. I knocked on the window of a police mini truck. The three policemen inside, tried to help me all of them. They found out, that I still had four kilometers to walk into town. I dit and found the museum.



At the museum I had to pay an admission fee of 70 MXN. I am really wondering now, how the Mexican governments (city, states and country of Mexico) make the prices. I would like to know that, but I think I will never find out. The museum has two parts: One outside, also called San Miguelito and the museum in the building. Most interesting are the exhibitions in the building. Here are a lot of artefacts from different Maya sites.




I spent several hours in the museum, even the artefacts had descriptions only in Spanish, but the big screens had the text even in English.




It was a quarter past five, when I left the museum as the last visitor for the day. The sun was hidden behind clouds now, but I was anyway going back to the beach. I sat there actually for an hour, before it got chilly, but went home just before dark. When I were on the bus, the dark fall down and after a while, Alberto messaged me, asking, if all is OK with me. I answered him, that I am on the bus and will be back son. The drive was actually for more than one hour (for 12 MXN only). Back at home (mi casa es su casa 😉) we had bran flakes with milk and a discussion about homosexuality. Alberto was wondering, why gay couples usually have the same structure like bisexual partners. He told me, that by this way it is no meaning with having a partner of the same sex. He also told me, that his thesis (in psychology) was about AIDS and that he would like to work with a new thesis, this time about the subject, we were talking about.

We were waiting in Alejandro, who works everyday between 2pm and 12am. After some words with him as well, but most about the upcoming day, we were going to sleep.


9th May 2018

We hade pasta (left overs from Alejandro’s work) and fruit for breakfast. When I asked Alejandro, if he has sibblings, he told me, that he has two sisters, one is 22 years old and the other one 16. He has also a younger brother and a twin brother as well. He actually told me, that he is the oldest one and the story about his and his brothers birth. It was a little unusual. I took the opportunity to ask him, if it is allowed in Mexico to beat the children. His answer was a little surprising, because it is, even with a belt, BUT not several times in a row. Even this morning he followed me to the bus stop, stopped the right bus and told the driver, where I have to leave. I did not have to change the bus by his service and only had to pay 12 MXN. The bus driver was also very service minded. There were other people too, who he helped to leave at the right bus stop.

I left the bus at the bus stop for the ferry to the Isla Mujeres. There were already people with signs for the ferry, though it was easy to find. When I bought the ticket, I automatically was sold a return ticket, but not told it was, before I was scared of the price. I thought, it was 300 MXN for one direction. I had bin told of my host, that a ferry ticket to the island costs 120 MXN. I do not know, if the price increased since they have been there or if the price is higher for tourists. The tickets were open, that means I could take the ferry I want. Unfortunately I just missed one on the way to the island.

Well on the island I was looking for and also found easily the Playa Norte. I had been told, that there is the best place for a swim and even snorkeling would be possible. I also was told, that it will take an hour to come there by walking. I think, it was only half an hour I needed. Unfortunately there were no palm parasols (which usually are for free). At the first place, where I asked for the costs of a sol chair and a parasol it was for 250 MXN. I thought, that is too much and walked further. Later I found them for 180 MXN (90 MXN for the chair and 90 MXN for the parasol). In the price were even 2 X 1 small bottle of water included. I took twice a swim, but the other time were boats making so high waves, that I have got the salty water in my mouth. I did not like that at all. There also was a restaurant close by, but the prices were high for the meals. Though I asked for the price of the ice cream. A coconut ice cream would be served in a half coconut shell and was for 110 MXN. The waiter did name the price, like it would be usual. I did not buy ice cream either. On my chair again – which I moved after the sun, though I always had shade, a woman selling fruit passed. I bought sliced pineapple of her. It was not much in the cups, she sold it with and actually for 40 MXN, but it was cheaper than everything else I could get. I understand, that prices are higher on the tiny islands, but most of the higher prices must be owed to the tourists. As long ad we pay, what they ask for, as long will the prices stay high.

At 5pm the chairs and parasols on the whole island are collected by their owners. It seems, nobody had the idea to let people rent them a little longer and make a little more money by that. I was told: “Señorita, …” I had to smile. Actually I did not see people in my age on this beach. I guess, they are in the hotels with the “all included” offers.

I walked a little further on the beach. Alberto had recommended to go there for snorkeling. Unfortunately the water was shallow and clear. I could not see any fish etc. The beach was not clean, though I left it and try to see a little more of the island. I was walking to the “Mirador” (viewpoint), where the usual sign of the name of the island was installed. Some steps more and I could see the sea again, but here the coast was rough.


The Rough Coast of Isla Mujeres


I walked throughout the streets and found mostly restaurants, souvenir shops, tour operators and hotels. Actually I did not walk the South of the island. Maybe that would have been a better choice to see some more nature, but the beach.

It became dark, when I was back in Cancun by ferry. I was very hungry now, though I bought a pizza slice at an Italian snack bar at the site of the ferry. I was very disappointed, when it was served, because it was no real pizza and it was warmed up in the microwave. Soon I was going back home by a combi for a price of 10 MXN.

I arrived at the same time as Alberto. He had been jogging after work, though I let him shower first. He did it very quickly. I longed for the shower to get rid of the sand from the beach. Alberto warmed a meal for us, which Alejandro had prepared in the morning. It was fried meat with different vegetables, even Nopales (cactus). We had talked about it during the breakfast and I had told him, that I only know Nopales with egg. Therefore Alejandro was keen to show me, that the vegetable can be used other ways as well.

After the meal, when Alberto had done the dishes, he asked me to teach him some German. He has a friend in Zug, Switzerland and would like to speak German with him as well as Alberto y Alejandro will travel Europe soon. After the short lesson, Alberto watched a German movie and I updated my blog for a while, but I have got tired early. I fell asleep without wishing Alberto good night around 9am. I did not awake when Alejandro came home.


10th May 2018

It is “Mother’s Day” in Mexico.

… will be continued soon …