A new year and new hope. Anyway there are dark clouds. I am thinking about the climate.

An new year and new hope – to be able to travel again. I have to go back to Mexico, meet friends and see more of this amazing country with its amazing people. I wish to continue throughout Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama (will not reach Nicaragua etc. before next year). I hope, that the political and safety situation in all of these countries are strong enough for visiting.

A new year and new hope – for my children and me. Especially hope about health for all of us, but also that we are able to enjoy life. That does not mean, that we need a lot of money, there are other values for enjoying life. Some extra money would not be bad, of course. I think every human being would have use for some extra money. So what? The more important is, to use the money one has for environmental friendly activities.

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