I’ve got new friends by http://www.bewelcome.org. One of them is from Hungary. She is a teacher and around my age and brought up her two sons as a single parent. She was asking me for telling her about my life and I started from the first beginning. Because I already was thinking about writing my memories – writing about my little unusual life – I have got the idea, to put all, what I am telling her into this blog. Though it will not get lost at the first time. Later on maybe it will become a book, whom knows – it would not be my first one.

I think I will have the following chapters:

My first years

My years at school

My higher education

My first years at work

My first years in Sweden – 1978 until 1982

My life in Sweden – part two – 1982 until 1992

My life in Sweden – part tree – 1992 until 1998

My life in Sweden – part four – 1998 until 2004

My life in Sweden – part five – 2004 until 2007

Living on Ireland

Living in Hamburg (Germany)

Living on Malta

Back to Sweden

All after finishing the parts I will link them to the site I wrote about it.



  1. Robert says:

    Hittar inte din historia

  1. […] You can find the sites by the menu or start by following the link to Memories […]

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