“Manitoba is a province located at the longitudinal centre of Canada. It is one of the three prairie provinces and is the fifth-most populous province in Canada.” (Wikipedia). I entered this province 13th June around high noon and I was very welcomed by signs and the staff of the tourist information right behind the border. By the lack of time I did not see much of this province.


Some hours later I arrived in Winnipeg. I decided to stay overnight at a campground. I also hoped, that there would be time enough to park my car in the outskirts of the city and go by bus to the city center. Unfortunately I did not find the right highway respectively the right road to go into the city, because even here were only the names of the streets one can access by leaving at the next to the right or the next to the left. I turned around and around and finally asked a road worker, which explained to me, how to come to the right highway, but In that stage I asked only for the highway to the campground with the name “Town and Country”. I have got the correct directions and was happy, when I could show up there. I was also lucky. The owner of the campground charged me only for a place for a tent. Furthermore there was a shop, a common room and also a laundry. Though I washed my clothes and charged my tablet. Even here the water contains a lot of iron and my clothes did get a brown sheen. In addition to that I could not charge my tablet long enough by the shop/room closing down at 9pm. Anyway I was happy with the results.

Winnipeg – Campground “Town and Country”

The following morning I drove to the city and looked after one of the recommended car parks. I was surprised, that they were so expensive, anyway I decided to leave my car there, happy that I had found them. I did not have lots of coins, though I tried to pay with my credit cards, but the vending machine did not accept one of them. I decided to put the 2 x 2 CAD coins in there and make the best of the 2 hours, I was allowed to park my car there.

Winnipeg – Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Soon I found my way to the city centre, even I had to ask once. I was on the Main Street and could not find out how to go further as a pedestrian. I had to use the underground of the Winnipeg Square by walking. There were escalators to come to the level of the city centre. I actually only stayed in Winnipeg because I have been told, that the city is very beautiful. Admittedly there are one or another old and quite beautiful building, but more pretty views I could not find. I walked the shopping street including the shopping mall and looked into the streets on the side of this. I also took my time for a snack and while eating it, I became a witness of a driver backing into a car, even the other driver used his horn intensively. Fortunately it did not happen a lot and no police were called. I hoped I will not meet such a driver. By the way, I was back in time – exactly 5 minutes before my parking time run out and that all without a watch, by needing a fresh battery. I would have liked to visit the Museum of Human Rights, but I still did not have coins for the parking fee.

For more photos from the campground and Winnipeg click on photographs.

I drove instead to the Lower Fort Garry in St. Andrews, where I spent some hours. The special with the fort is, that most of the buildings are stone buildings and it has a really stone wall all around. In addition to this there are original interiors in some buildings. Even most of the things have been imported from Europe, there were a few I never had seen before and I have been in quite many heritage parks in different countries before.

Manitoba – St. Andrews – Lower Fort Garry

For more photos from Lower Fort Garry click on photographs.


It was still afternoon, when I was on the highway near Brandon, but I needed a rest, though I followed the sign for the city centre(!). I could only see a few restaurants and thought, I must have missed the city. Therefore I continued to drive through the city, but was finally leaving disappointed. Just when I was close to a gas station the warning light for the motor of my car flashed. I stayed at the station and checked the oil, even the one for the automatic gears. All was ok, but that noise I already was concerned about earlier. I asked for a garage and have been told, that there is one behind the station. It was not open anymore and I decided to stay on their car park for the night. I was happy, that I did not need road assistance and that it was not a weekend.

The upcoming morning (15th June) I was awake early again and entered the garage as soon as they opened. I explained, what happened and also my situation. They asked me if I know someone in Brandon or have a place to stay. I had not, of course and was very happy, that they immediately started with my car. They found the bad part very soon with the help of a computer. The alternator did not work anymore (therefore also the loss of electric energy before with the pin of the speedometer getting nuts). Actually there were three bad parts, even the UNR drive belt and a tensioner kid had to be changed. By the way it was a ridge on the alternator. All together (taxes included) I had to pay 1.184.77 CAD. Anyway I have got a one-year-warrenty by the NAPA-chain for the parts.

I was thinking about, that my youngest son and his wife told me before starting on my trip around the world, that they will help me, if I run out of money. Though I sent an email asking them for a little help until my next pension will be paid, but I also checked my account and could see, that I could pay the whole amount, but by using my overdraft. I was happy about that. In addition to that, I became aware, that my pension this month will already be paid 17th (usual is the 19th). It hurt to have such an expensive repair, but I was lucky not to be broken. I also send an email to the dealer about the repair. He first told me, that it only should cost 90 CAD and later, that the repair has not been necessary before he sold the car to me. With other words, he is not better as other car dealers. I was disappointed about him!

After the repair I continued to Regina, the capital of Saskatchewan. I forgot my bucket for spill water at the garage, because I had taken it out of the car and emptied it as well as I had used their washroom for refreshing. I was offered coffee and also was allowed to charge (and use) my tablet meanwhile I was waiting.

I’m sorry, but I did not take any photographs in Brandon, but by the link you will find the Wikipedia site with photos..

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