Kassel – The town I was born, grew up and still have relatives. There will be some comments from time to time and it will soon get an own page, but not yet.

Wiesbaden – The town where I left for five years after I had finished my higher education with a Bachelor in public management. I have lots of memories of this town – you can later read about it under Memories. For the moment I have no text to fill here.



23rd October 2015

I am on my way home from Malta, where I worked for more 1 1/2 year. I retired, because I have had a surgery of thyroid cancer and decided, that life is more than work. On the way home I make stops here and there to visit friends and relatives. In Kassel my eldest brother is living as well as a girlfriend I know from school.

The bus arrived late at Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe, where my eldest brother already was waiting for me. He parked his car close to the bus stop and helped me also with my luggage. At his home his female partner, which I met this day for the first time, already had breakfast ready and they had lots of different spread, sausage and cheese as well as fresh coffee. I could not eat of all the varieties. We talked a lot during the breakfast and also afterwards, of course. Furthermore we took a look at old photographs, put years on some from our travels, which were not allocated yet and I have got to know, that I have not been in Salzburg (Austria) as well as I put in lots of memories in one travel, but the places we have seen were by more than one travel. For lunch I was offered goulash, dumplings with bread cubes and kokt red cabbage. It was delicious! Between 2pm and 3pm my brother drove me to a school friend of mine, who is living in the outskirts of our home town.

I was very welcomed of my friend. She served coffee and tarte as well as cakes. We talked a lot and in the evening we went to a restaurant to meet two other former class mates. Actually one of them met up at Erika’s home. The other one came directly to the restaurant, but was late because the traffic. We ate greek dinners and I was invited by my friend.

After the dinner all four of us went home to my friend. We have got snacks and drinks. We also were looking on two old group photographs from school (one for the boys and one for the girls) and put name on all of our class mates. I was the only one who had all names, even two were spelled wrong, but the others could allocate them to the right person. It was so good, that I had scanned my photographs and my laptop with me. My friend and I went directly to bed when the others had left and especially me had a good sleep.


24th October 2015

I awoke once around 8am, because I had to go to the toilet, but I fell asleep again and did not awake before 1pm ;-). I have got breakfast at that time and only one hour later we ate lunch. We had a good chat between, while I could answer on a lot of my friends questions. It became 3:30pm before we took a planned walk. We were visiting the area of my first home and continued to a place called Märchenmühle (fairytale mill). We took a lot of photographs and I was happy, there were no need for selfies, because my friend took some pictures of me. At my friend’s home again, we had coffee and cakes again and quite soon afterwards a vegetarian dinner.

During the evening we watched photographs, e.g. from my flat on Malta. I answered some more of her questions, got photographs from her and helped her with her gmail-account as well as we at the end checked the timetable for the tram, because I had to continue the upcoming day. It was around midnight, when we went to bed.

From Kassel I was going to Berlin. Do you want to follow me there as well?



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