23th April: From Meloni to Venice

Due to the bad connections of the public transport my friend drove me to Koper in Slovenia. From here it is easier to go to Trieste, from where I have god connections to Venice. When we were crossing the Croatian/Slovenian border we were a little afraid that we will be an issue for the police officers, because we have different citizenships and the car was registered in Croatia, but all went well and we were not asked for anything. I think it was also because we both own a similar looking document, in German called “Personalausweis”. Also my Belgian friend was following me to the bus. Therefore I had no problems at all with my luggage this time either. Maybe I should name it here. All the buses and the ferries were not part of the Interrail-Ticket. This was one reason why my trip became more expensive than planned.

Railway Station Triest, Italy

Changing to train in Trieste has not given me some existing memories, therefore I think it happened nothing special at that place. However I remember I was a little surprised, that the tracks at the beginning were close to the sea though I know that Trieste is at the seaside. The views changed on that trip. After leaving the seaside I saw mountains again and later on just the plain land. Coming close to Venice I was aware it because the water, call it seaside or what you want. I was awaiting the city earlier than I could actually could see it. I left the train the first time in Venice-Mestre instead for Venice SL, what means San Lucia and is the main station. I was walking around, looking for a cheap restaurant. There were no many restaurants open and it was not possible to buy tickets for the public transport either. Furthermore I did not find a tourist information center – and there was none. Coming from the train station with my suitcase an Indian looking man was asking helping me with my luggage, but I denied. I was afraid he will steal it.

First Impression from Venice, Italy

Arrived in Venice SL I was looking for the tourist information center. It was very little and we could only come close one and one. I was happy the center was open. I have got information about the public transportation system and bought a 72-hour card, because I thought I would stay in Venice for this period. Because I was looking for the Generator hostel for the night, I asked also for the way to go there. Outside I found the public transport boats and also the right line to the hostel. Entering the boat was not so easy with my luggage, there was no much space left, but I did it. When arriving at the hostel they were no vacancies but on their homepage. The told us, that they unfortunately not had updated their homepage for a few hours. There were to more girls asking for a bed at the same time like me. We did not find any other cheap hostel close there and I was leaving that island again – because the hostel is at Zitelle.

I was back at the station Venice SL and asking me, what do to. I send an email to a hostel in Bologna if there is a bed left and got a positive answer. Looking at the notice board for the trains I hurried to get the next one, but when I was on the train I took attention to, that the train only was for Padova (Padua). Meanwhile we were moving, I checked by the Internet if there also is a cheap hostel in Padua and the opening hours. Fortunately there was and it was still open. To go to Padua was one thing, but to go to the hostel was another. I made it in time, asking people for the bus stop, the right bus etc. I was happy for my Interrail-Ticket because there was no need to pay for the train from Venice to Padua, but the bus in Padua I had to pay for as usual. The hostel has a quite good description on the Internet, how to go there. Anyway I had to ask and when I was close a man told me: It is not the first door, but the next one, because the first door is for homeless people. During a moment I was thinking – maybe that is the right address for me, because I felt homeless when I could not get a bed in Venice. The night went well anyway because the hostels door was still open and I have got a bed with a whole room around – just for my own, for a price of only 18 Euros, breakfast (an Italian one) included, but it was only for one night. I could not stay longer, because the hostel were awaiting other guest for the upcoming night. I slept well that night, but the night was to short!

The Dorm at Padua Hostel – Clean and Nice – I Really can Recommend it!

24th April: From Padua to Venice continuing to Bologna

I found the breakfast room that morning, but it was a little complicated because I had to find the way to the other side of a yard. It was the first time a saw an Italian breakfast. It remembered a lot of the French one, because they serve croissants with jam and chocolate paste. Here there was also only coffee from an automatic coffee machine where you have to insert a kind of coins. I was very disappointed, but I had to learn.

When I checked out the servant ask me for one more night, because there were other guests who did not stay as long as planed. I had already emailed the hihostel in Bologna and was moving on. I would have been pleased if I had time enough to see a little more from Padua, but I did not have time, because I want to see Venice. Going by bus from the hostel to the train station by daylight therefore was my sightseeing in this city. I liked what I have seen and I am sure I will come back later.

In Venice I had to put my luggage in a box again, but there was none. They have a luggage deposit where you can leave your luggage (1 piece/person) and you pay when you are back to pick it up again. The costs were a lot higher as it would have been for a box and also I had to take with me the heavy backpack and two bags. The sightseeing of Venice was really not comfortable. Of that reason I tried to go by the public transport as much as possible. Also I tried to get out the price I gave for the ticket.


The first place I hopped of the boat was at the stop “Piazza San Marco”. I did not see a sign for the place and was walking into the wrong direction as usual, but I liked what I saw. It was an interesting part of the town I came to. Afterwards I found the Piazza San Marco and looked around. Maybe I have seen to much beautiful buildings during the last two trips, I did not really enjoy what I saw. Furthermore in the coffee houses there were live music and I thought about, that this is all for getting money from tourists. That was also my feeling in a nutshell for the rest of the city.

One of my stops was the “Rialto bridge”. There were lots of tourists and lots of shops trying to sell all kinds of stuff you actually have no need for. When I left a boat at the stop “Lido” I was disappointed for the lack of what I thought the Lido is. If you continue with another boat and more costs you could go to the well known beach.

Venice and it’s Bridges

Venice Public Transport and Gondola

I gave it a last try and continued to Murano, the island which is famous for its glass art. Admittedly some things they manufacture there is kitsch in my opinion, but the most of the glass ware is beautiful. Anyway if I would have money enough to buy one of these art crafts, I would not do it, because I have no need and it does not cooperated with my life style. I cannot collect things because I am wandering from time to time and loose a lot of my belongings. I cannot move so much and when I will retire I have no need for more than I can carry because I will see the world my way. Therefore I take pictures of the mest beautiful things instead.

Murano Crafts

In Germany they have a proverb like this: Wenn einer eine Reise tut, kann er was erleben! – that means: If anyone goes on a journey, he can get a nasty surprise. So I did, I made good experiences and less good experiences. Perhaps you also have heard about, that in Italy trains and buses are not always in time or are not working at all? I have heard that, but was never afraid, that it will hit me – it did! When I tried to go by train from Venice to Bologna. I was already in a regional train with many other people. The train was really full! Suddenly there came an information by the speakers, but only in Italian! It was about 20 Minutes delay for problems with the engine. All Italians were running out, so we tourists did. Some of us caught another train, some of us – like me – had to check which train was possible to take. There goes a lot of trains from Venice to Bologna and further. I chose an IC because it arrived only 10 minutes later than the regional train would have done. I was not sure, that I have to buy a supplement ticket because when the IC-train has a lot of stops it is not necessary. So I did not. When the conductor came and checked my ticket he answered that I should have a supplement ticket. I explained the situation for him and he turned a blind eye to the matter. I was very happy about that, of course.


There are some days left before I arrive on Malta, you still have the opportunity to follow my whole trip, almost to my next destination: Bologna.

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