I did some taster days of the Canary Islands when I was off work for four days in a row. Earlier only a dream, now it was only around two hours flight away. There were not really cheap flight there, because only the airline TAP Portugal make this route, but I like this airline and this route the fly with planes, which only have two rows with two seats beside each other. The seats are comfortable, too and have great leg room. I chose to visit Gran Canaria, because that was a direct flight and the shortest time for flying there.

Actually I checked the flights to the other islands, too. It was not so easy to decide, which island I should visit this time. A friend of mine has been on Lanzarote for a couple of times and likes the island. Gran Canaria is the favorite island for my landlady. She stays there for a few month during the Swedish winter. Teneriffe is well-known, too. Reading about the islands did not make it easier for me to decide.

There are the following islands, which makes Canary Islands. There will be a link for every island I have visited. That means: As long the name is not linked, I have not been there.

The main islands are (from largest to smallest):
Gran Canaria
La Palma
La Gomera
El Hierro

To read about facts for the islands follow the link to the Wikipedia article.



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