Everything is possible! You just have to decide to do it!

Anyway I think there are some borders and I will find them – or find out, that there really are no borders.

I have to find out if:
It is possible to get hosts all over a country like New Zealand
It is possible to volunteer in the age of 60+ (allowance by the visa regulations provided)
It is possible to hitchhike in the age of 60+

Here are my answers:
It is possible to get hosts in the age of 60+,
– for New Zealand you cannot ask for a host 6 month in advance 😉
– for New Zealand you really have to put in your request all you have read about the probably host, otherwise they do not believe, you read their profile carefully
– for New Zealand it is really hard to find hosts during their summer month, because of their holidays

It is possible to be a volunteer in Australia in the age of 60+
– I had very great hosts

It is possible, too, to be a volunteer in Canada in the age of 60+
– I already had hosts before starting and it was easy to find more 🙂

It is also possible in the USA, to volunteer
– they actually asked me to come without me asking them first


I hoped it will help to get in contact with people by my self-designed t-shirts “Travelling the world” and “Travelling Around the World”, but it did not. Nonetheless hitchhiking was not a problem in New Zealand (it is the country for hitchhikers) and it was also possible in Australia. In North America I did not try to hitchhike, because I bought a car, but I was giving people a hitch.

There are areas in Canada you only can reach by a three-day canoeing. I will leave them out even I like to know as much as possible of the country and not only the cities or just the nature. I already learned of a Canadian friend, that my way to travel is very unusual. People are going to Vancouver for example to see a city and have nature around, but they do not travel so many miles like I will do, especially not overland. Anyway it is possible to do!



Even in Mexico it is possible to volunteer, to get CS hosts and to hitchhike.

There are some things you have to be aware about:

In the NorthEast of Mexico at the border to the USA you should not hitchhike.  There are still problems with drug trafficking. Taking a first class bus is OK. It is very easy to hitchhike the Baja California and Baja California Sur. In the South of Mexico it is possible to hitchhike, but by all the tourists there are so many cabs there, so it is unusual that someone picks you up.

You can find CS hosts all over the country easily and most of them really pamper you, but on the Yucatan peninsula it is more difficult to find a host.

It is possible to volunteer in the age of 60+, but also for this the Yucatan peninsula and the belonging islands are harder to find a host.

You do not speak Spanish? No problem as long as you are in Baja California  and Baja California Sur and other very touristic areasareas like Yucatan and Quintana Roo. For the rest you can make it with a minimum of Spanish – just to know how to buy things, ask for the direction, book a room or bed in a hostel…

I will keep you updated for more aread of Mexico, when travelling them.





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