I am really scared of the Chinese politics. As I see it, the Chinese politicans are breaking international law. Though my dream to visit China one day, has been destroyed. What will happen more in the upcoming years? Will I be able to travel again, when the now pandemi is the past. By the way, […]

Face Masks

. In a lot of countries face masks are recommended or even law. In Sweden they tell us, we should not wear face masks at all, but I think it is, because there are no face masks to buy. Our authority tells us, we would put our fingers on the masks and then spread the […]

Sometimes it Happens

I was inspired by my neighbor to put the text of my first book online, when she send me a link to her blog, called “Rolling Adventures”. When I read the first two articles, I did get new energy and finally uploaded the text of my first Swedish book “Familj med särskilda behov” as well […]