Ett Gott Slut och Ett Gott Nytt År

I apologize for the headline in Swedish, but I do not know another language in which I can say it the same way and I also think, that this way is really famous. It is a tradition, which unfortunately is not very common anymore, to wish a happy end of the ongoing year and a […]

A very special, very own advent calender

My new advent calendar is done. It is one of its kind and will work forever or almost as long as I live. There is something special with it. I started it last year before 1st december, but had not time enough to sew a new pocket every day. Though I did leave it unfinished. […]

In 130 countries

people have to wear face masks according to the laws. In some of them, one only have to wear the masks in shops and similar, in other countries, the face masks have to be worn as soon as people leave their home. Even the WHO had changed it’s mind and now recommend face masks, but […]