Hi, you maybe know already, that my landlady did cancel my contract. If not, you know it now. I am still living in the county of Stockholm, but here it is not possible to get another apartment for me, but maybe a second hand one again.

A view days ago it happened, that I have got a contract for an apartment at a housing company. It is a direct (not second hand) one and it is for a great apartment of 48 sqm. This apartment is situated in the county of Södermanland (shortend: Sörmland) – in a town named Katrineholm. It is an one hours ride by train between Katrineholm and Stockholm.

I am very happy about this opportunity. The apartments are newly refurbished and have all what I ever dreamed about and actually more than that. It is a one room apartment with a kitchen and a bathroom as well as a walk-in wardrobe. There are a modern stove with oven, a dishwasher, a microwave and lots of space in the kitchen. The bathroom has a shower (I do not like bath tubes, though it is perfect) and a washing machine as well as a dryer. The room is easy to separate by a shelf. The only thing I could miss is a balcony or patio, but there is space outside, where I can enjoy the sun and I do not need to care about balcony or patio. The apartment is on the ground floor, without stairs. It is perfect to get old in it.

I think you understand, that the update of my blog from 1st January 2019 – for my life in Sweden, is postponed. I have a lot to do for moving on 1st February. I will be back sometime in February, I promise. The site for Sweden, December 2018 you can find by following the link to Sweden 2018 / December 2018.

…stay tuned, please!

After the Trip

I made a little summary of my trip throughout Mexico. You can find it on the main page for Mexico. It is just a little try to give you a main understanding about the country and it’s inhabitants. Something you may think was unnecessary to write down there, other you may miss. Anyway I hope it will be helpful for someone and you can always ask me questions about the way I recognized Mexico.

By the way I have almost one more time to go there for the “white spots” there still are for me, but I think two month will be enough for them all together, because you can never see all of a country and only a few Mexicans have seen as much of the country as I have.

New York, New York

I am further updating my blog and can happily announce, that the site “New York, New York” about my four days visit in this metropole is finished. It has it all: Text, photos and the link to more photos.

The photos at my Google account sometimes may be confusing, because I have so far not the time to add titles to them or descriptions, but I can tell you here, that the ones with the mosaics and the murals are from the subway, line 1. The oldest subway line of New York. The murals from Harlem are very different to those. Compare with the one I added to the text.

I hope you will enjoy reading about this part of my travel as well.