In 130 countries

people have to wear face masks according to the laws. In some of them, one only have to wear the masks in shops and similar, in other countries, the face masks have to be worn as soon as people leave their home. Even the WHO had changed it’s mind and now recommend face masks, but […]


I am really scared of the Chinese politics. As I see it, the Chinese politicans are breaking international law. Though my dream to visit China one day, has been destroyed. What will happen more in the upcoming years? Will I be able to travel again, when the now pandemi is the past. By the way, […]

Face Masks

. In a lot of countries face masks are recommended or even law. In Sweden they tell us, we should not wear face masks at all, but I think it is, because there are no face masks to buy. Our authority tells us, we would put our fingers on the masks and then spread the […]