Nordrhein-Westfalen may be an interesting part of Germany, but for me it is well-known, because I have a girlfriend living there. Actually she lives in a very little town called Wetter an der Ruhr. In addition to that my second cousin Petra lives in the same federal state, not very far from my girlfriend. The place she lives – and also her mother (my cousin) during some years did until she died, is named Wuppertal.




I have been in Wuppertal and surroundings several times, but in the beginning there were no digital photographs, therefore I start on this site at 2014. When I have finished the migration to “” for all my travel sites, I also will try to put in elder photographs.


10th April: Starting my trip to Malta by going to Wuppertal

When I write this, I am still in Germany. On my trip from Hamburg to Malta in April 2014 my first destination was Wuppertal. I am with my second cousin and her husband. I was coming here by train. I did not book a seat and was happy because I’ve got a whole train compartment for my own. It was a nice journey and a very welcoming by my relatives. They were caring for my body and my soul. Here lived my cousin Dina and her daughter Petra. Dina was 92 years old, actually she was born the same year as my father.  We were also visiting her. She was very happy to see me, too and she has a nice view about my new change in my live. Petra was born in the same year as me. She is married to Arno. I will especially keep this time in Wuppertal in my heart, because it was the last time I saw my cousin Dina alive. She died in fall 2014.

I made only a few photographs in Wuppertal. The city is not so special, that there would be a lot of motives, but there is the “Schwebebahn” a mono rail, going over the river Wupper. Also there is a nice public garden in town, with lots of motives. Furthermore I have to let you know that I have not had a lot of time to spend for sightseeing in Wuppertal. I think there is anyway a lot more to see.


27th October 2015

I was coming from Berlin, where I had made a detour on my way home from Malta to Sweden. Arriving around 2pm in Wuppertal my second cousin met me there. Actually I had to wait some minutes for her and her husband, because the bus was a little early. I could see them coming by car. We were going to Schwelm, where they live and I was happy to see, that her husband was feeling better, because he was very ill before. We spent some hours together, before they were so kind and drove me to my friend in the city called Wetter a. d. Ruhr.


11th April: From Wuppertal to Wetter

Today is Tomorrow ;-): We were going to Wuppertal one more time. We took pictures of the “Schwebebahn” (see below). By the way the “Schwebebahn” is unique, almost for Germany. There is only one of its kind. I would like such trains over all the channels of Hamburg! In addition to that, we were walking in the very nice Botanical Garden, ate a superb dinner (I was invited 😊) and after that my second cousin and her husband drove me to my girlfriend in Wetter.


Wetter an der Ruhr

I have a friend, I know her from the college in Kassel – the place where we were born. She is living in Wetter for years together with her husband. Now their two children are grown up. I have been there more than once. The city is one of the smaller ones in Germany and especially in this federal state, but it has nice surroundings and is easy to reach by train.

I visited Wetter after I had been in Wuppertal (see above). It was the best way to do, because they are close to each other and it was depending on the time off, which my relatives and friends could afford for me. It was great to meet my friend in Wetter, of course. We were chatting a lot and until midnight. We were also doing it for a few hours while walking at the side of the lake “Wetter”. It is a nice place with an old railway bridge, sailing boats and we have also seen a black swan.

Take a look on this nice place, even the weather was not very nice, it looks good!


12th April: From Wetter to Dresden

We had a good breakfast at my friend’s home. She drove me to the station in Wetter and there we took good-bye for a long while, sure to meet again if nothing unforeseen will happen.

How I was going further and about my days in Dresden you can read at: Germany/Saxony/Dresden.


27th October 2015

I am back in Wetter, even it was for less than 24 hours. Even I was visiting both of them (my second cousin and her husband as well as my friend and family) when I was on the way to Malta it was very nice to meet them all again. We talked a lot and I had to tell about Malta for them. This was only interrupted by the meals and with eating snacks ;-). They day found an end at 11:30pm, when we were going to bed. I was really tired at this time.


28th October 2015

I awoke at 7am because the Venetian blinds were opening at that time. I took my medicine, which I have to take every day in the morning, half an hour before breakfast. I have to take it for years already. I only have a little higher dose since the surgery of my thyroid gland. Breakfast was at 9am.

After breakfast my friend did show me the school in Hagen, were she has been a teacher for more than 30 years. We continued by car to a nice place and took a walk. ate and took another walk at another place. Afterwards we went to her home again.

I opened my laptop and showed her my photographs from Istanbul. Even she has been in Turkey before, she has not been in Istanbul. Furthermore we were looking at photographs from are class travel to London, when we were at school in Kassel – it was during our last year at school. Only interrupted of the evening meal we continued with looking at photographs, e.g. from my kids and Sweden. We got hungry again and took a banana each before we went to bed half an hour past midnight.

29th October 2015

My friend and her husband drove me to the bus stop in Wuppertal this day. Fortunately we were in good time, because it was not so easy to find the right stop, especially because some people were on another bus stop in front of it and the right bus stop were hidden by them. The bus for Hamburg arrived just in time in Wuppertal.

Would you like to follow me to Hamburg? You are welcome!

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