Maya Homestay

Dear reader,

from 29th June to 2nd July I will make a homestay at a Maya family. There will be no Internet. I apologise, that I can not update my blog during that time, but promise to tell you about this interesting time as soon as possible, though stay tuned.


Mountain Pine Ridge

If you are tired of beaches, you should go to the Cayo District in Belize. Here you can find forest reserves, waterfalls, caves and more. It is adventurous, even with a guide. You actually need a car, if you do not book a guided tour, but you will miss all the interesting knowledge of your guide, because he will tell you about flora and fauna as well.

Come and follow me to the first guided tour I really enjoyed. You find the text by following the link for Belize and scrolling down to the 19th June. If you will not wish to see the area as well, I will be surprised. Enjoy and stay tuned for my next great adventures.