Hitchhiking – per Anhalter fahren – lifta

Whatever you call it, I will try it out tomorrow for Mexico. I am not the first here, who does it. My host told me, that it should be save on Baja California and Baja California Sur. Though I trust my Guardian angel and I am open for new adventures.

How it was and where I was going, can you soon read on this blog by using the tap: North America/Mexico/Baja California – scroll down to: 31st January 2018.

Viva Mexico

I have been in Tijuana for five days now, living with a wonderful and kind Mexican family, improving Spanish and learn about their life as well as the community. I really can recommend to do that. It started as couch surfing and became a helpx opportunity by changed circumstances.

About this adventure you can read by chosing the tap: North America/Mexico/Baja California – scroll down to 12th January 2018.


Meanwhile I have only one existing blog anymore, I still have to do some corrections as well as fix the photos. I hope I will have time enough to manage it, before I am leaving for Mexico on Friday. If you are looking for one or another site, I have had on another blog and you do not find it, I may have separated the content and put it on other pages. Even I have a timeline, the places are more important for me. Though first the places and under the places the timeline, if I have been there more than once,

In addition to that I really try to update my memories, but I am not sure, I can make it before I am leaving for Mexico. Well there I will have less time for my blog and will be happy if I can have it up to date. It depends also on, if there is wi-fi everywhere.

Thank you for following me!