Actually I was looking for a name, where I could put New Zealand, Australia and the nearby islands together, even I was thinking about the historical five continents. Oceania was already one of those continents and one of the rings of the Olympic Games. While trying to get “the world sorted” I decided to follow newer versions of the classification, though I started to use the term Greater Oceania and made a tab for this area, which I had chosen to travel almost a part of.

This is a personal travel blog and will not have a lot of content you can read on Wikipedia (which I really appreciate). Anyway sometimes I will link to articles of Wikipedia, when I think there is a need for explanations. Mostly these sites will be about my travel experience. I would be happy if I could inspire you to make your own.

I started a one year travel by New Zealand and continued to Australia, Canada and the United States of America as well as I made a three-days-trip to Mexico. I am a retired female solo traveller with a tight budget, though you also can read how I prepared.

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