21st April

All good things come in threes. In Szeged we met another friend of Anikó. Her name is Silvia. She is living in the new part of the town, on the other side of the Danube, but anyway close to the theatre. She is a very happy person, mostly laughing and was a great host. She served as with great dishes, I especially liked the chestnut cream.

In the evening we went for a concert at the theatre of Szeged. By the way Silvia is a singer in the chorus of this theatre. The concert was really great and we met some of the musicians afterwards  –  also the cellist, who had acquired the tickets for us. At Silvia’s home we had a great late evening with champagne and a delicious dinner, Silvia had prepared already during the day.


22nd April

We had a big and relaxing breakfast with Silvia. Meanwhile Silvia had to go to work, Anikó showed me the city of Szeged. She knows the city very well, because she was living there for years. We started at the University, because she had to bring some documents for her son to the administration. We also left our belongings (suitcases and jackets) in their boxes for visitors.

On our way there, we met a real Gipsy, who was playing his fiddle and collecting money for his living. Anikó knows him somewhat and was talking with him and also sang a song to his play. The man played also the song ”Du schwarzer Zigeuner” (Come Zigan) for me and was happy, that I know it.

I was surprised about the building and the modern standard of the whole university. A lot of foreign students are studying there, which make it possible. We have the same phenomenon on Malta. Some institutions are still in old buildings nearby, so is the Institute for Anglican languages, including German and English. Anikó was once studying at the one for German.

Furthermore we passed the Institute of Economy as well as the town hall and continued to the Cathedral of Szeged and the surroundings as well as the Monument for the big flood in 1879 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lwgxUjD6gD8). For the time I was there, they were working with highing the embankment for the Tisza river.

We also visited the Reök Palace (Art Nouveau) with an art exhibition:


After the sightseeing we picked up our belongings at the university again and went to the train station. Around 5pm we catched a train back to Kecskemét and finally continued to Anikó’s home.

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