A new year is in front of us. What will it bring? My wishes are the end of the ongoing pandemic already during the winter month as well as that all countries of the world will act environment friendly. Unfortunately I don’t believe in, that my other wish will come true by the result of the COP26. Therefore I also have decided to go by bicycle to Egypt this year for COP27. There are still a lot of question marks, but I am sure, I will do it. You can read more about that trip soon even I will start 1st July on BikingForFuture2. – Update: I decided to really do it and I am full in planning the trip.


When I write this, there is also an imminent danger, that the Russian president will kick off a var, invading Ukraine. He will involve the territory in Russia again. I really hope, he will not do it. – Update: Unfortunately the Russian war in Ukraine became a fact and is ongoing. Every time I think about it, I have tears in my eyes. #I STAND WITH UKRAINE


Sign: #StandWithUkraine – #NoMoreWars


As I did for the last year, I link on this page to the different month of this year – the links will appear as soon as their is a page for the related month.


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