21th April: From Vienna via Graz to Ljubljana

After the helping hands with my luggage of my Viennese girlfriend an a kind man on the railway station I enjoyed the train ride to Graz.

In Austria there is free WiFi on-board the trains and it is working! Sometimes I was using my tablet, but there were so amazing views, so I did it not frequently. In Graz I took a locker for the most of my luggage and entered the city of Graz. I was walking all the way from the train station, because I think I can see more that way and also see such things tourists usually do not see. I arrived at noon and I was hungry. My first think-thank was about a meal. So I looked around and tried to find a special restaurant for this area, called Steiermark. There is, but the prices were not in my budget.

After a while I found a Kebab-restaurant. Only two men were in there, but I did not care about that. I ordered a pide with spinach. The cook asked me if I am a Moslem, but I negated and told him, that I neither am a Moslem nor vegatarian. Anyway he was kind to me as before.

Where a hill is, is a castle! So also in Graz, but there is another castle in the middle of the town. Graz also is an old town and you can see many of the old houses refurbished, still looking as in former times. There are different styles, e. g. houses in Art Nouveau. I have seen the first “Stiegenkirche” (stairway church) in my life. That is a church in a usual building (without a church tower) on the second or third floor.

I was surprised seeing an advertisement about the free “Altstadtbim”, that means free tram through the old town (city center) of Graz. Unfortunately I had to go longer for coming back to the railway station. I used the tram because I already had seen a lot, my feet were a little tired and it is always interesting to use the public transport.

Graz – Castle

Free Rides in the City

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