I prepared my travel around the world for a while. The main page about it you will find here: dorotheeinternational.blog/New Zealand/Preparing for New Zealand because I started travelling the world in New Zealand.

Visit also the Wiki for travelling!

To think about for Canada:

The visa regulations you can find here. It depends on your citizenship if you need a visa or not, therefore I just put in the link.

Also in Canada you cannot get a visa for work in the age of 60+, but you are allowed to volunteer, which makes it a little easier, even you are not able to see as much as you would not using this possibility.

I think one should prefer quality for quantity. therefore volunteering is a good decision. I was sending my first request a year before visiting Canada, just for finding out, if it is possible to find “helpx-hosts” (more about volunteering you can read here). I have got a positive response and I will ask for more hosts closer to my arrival.

Canada is very big, you know. Therefore you have to make your mind up, what is important for you to see. Maybe you will try to see every National park, maybe you only will see the big cities. Maybe you like winter in Canada. I prefer the Canadian summer and try to see some National Parks as well as some bigger cities and something in between. Canada has low lands as well as high lands and they are all on my list. By the way I tried to plan the daily distances not too long, anyway I will only see, when I am there, if I planned my route well.

Think about your packlist, do not take too much clothes – it will be too heavy. Even you are going only to countries with summer, you have to be prepared for wet and cold weather. Choose light weights and thin clothes. Merino wool and layer on layer is the best way to dress!

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