1st Aug 2021

I hope you remember, that I had been riding my bike to my son Samuel and his family. This Sunday I was on my way back home. There were not any problems between Segeltorp and Södertälje, my first stop and lunchtime. I did eat lunch at Café Tratten (coffee funnel ;-)) and I used the bathroom there as well. This time for free, because I was one of their customers. Before I left, I called my former CS host Inger in Gnesta and she was very happy, that I will arrive that evening and also very welcoming.

Unfortunately, this time, my battery run low already around 10km before Inger’s home. Though I was looking for an opportunity to charge my battery. I was lucky, because outside of the village of Mölnbo, there was a weekend house – I thought, and the owners seemed to be at home. Though I was asking there for help and also offered to pay for it, of course. I have got the help easily, but it was the permanent residence of the people I met. The owners where around 50 years old and had the day before arrived from there vaccation in Spain.

Finally at Inger’s place, she was very kind to me again and she also had bought artichokes and I had to learn, how to eat them. Actually, when I have got artichokes in Italy in 2015, they were not served that way, but only the hearts. This evening we had to go early to bed, because Inger had to wake up before 5am the upcoming day for going to work – all because of the pandemic. She works in Stockholm and is going by train to her work. For not meeting a lot of people on the train, she takes the earliest train in the morning there is. When she is going home, she makes it around 2pm. At this time not a lot of people are going by train either, she explained. I cannot fall asleep so early, though I was using my 4G-Internet for a while.


2nd Aug 2021

I awoke around 6am and the sun was shining, but I was still tired, though I was only going to the bathroom and returned to bed. Around an hour later I wished my son Samuel a happy birthday – as happy as it can be with his stomach problems. Unfortunately, I did dress etc at the usual time and left around 10am. I also have had breakfast, Inger had prepared it the evening before.

At this time, the sun had hidden behind grey clouds and when I came to Björnlunda, a thunderstorm did start again. Fortunately, I had seen the very dark clouds in time and had dressed in my rain clothes. I was happy to see an announcement about an “open church”. There will be coffe and biscuits at 11am, it was stated. I was to early, but close to the church was the parish home. It was closed, but it had a vestibul, where I could sit dry, but there was no space for my bike. At 11am I was walking my bike to the church, but I did not find any open door. Neither was the parish home open. Fortunately there was an open bathroom for visitors.



When I was continuing my way after the thunderstorm, I could not ride my bike the usual way. I did see, that there was a small water drop under the display, but I do not know, if that was the problem. Anyway after a few kilometers, a little head wind and going downhills, the bike was working as usual again. The rest of the day it was raining on and off. I took a rest in the village of Stjärnhov and ate at an pizzeria. There I had the possibility to park my bike under a rooftop and I also could have an eye on it meanwhile I was eating.

During another shower of rain, I found a hostel called “Gamla mejeriet” (The Old Dairy) in the village of Skebokvarn – it actually is an old diary and a museum on the ground floor. I was thinking about, to stay there overnight, but there was no reception and all had to be done by Internet. When I was close to book a bed, or better a room, because Swedish hostels often do not have dorms, the rain stopped and I was continuing on my way home until I was coming to Flen.

In Flen I asked at the lost and found reception about my gallipot with my medicines, but nobody had left it. Inger and I had been taking about my way home the evening before and, because it is only halfway to Flen and not sure, my battery will make it all the way as well as the weather, she had recommended me to take the train from Flen. Though I did. In Sweden it is not always easy to go by train with a bike, but there are some companies, which have trains with compartments made for it. So has the Mälartåg and the Öresundståg. There may be more, but these two I know definitely. The Mälartåg is running to Katrineholm and other towns close to the lake Mälaren – which is a quite big lake.

Finally at home again, I did fill a washing machine and took the medicine for my stomach. I had a late dinner. My daughter Maria called me, before I was going to bed.


3rd Aug 2021

I awoke before 8am, but did take my medicine as usual – at 8am. There was no need to change my routines. I wrote my diary before I had breakfast and took care of my housework afterwards. In the late afternoon I was picking up my vegetables from my supplier.

This day I also wrote a post in the group “warmshowers” on Facebook in the hope, that I will get some invitations from warmshower hosts – and it worked (there were more invitations the following days). Furthermore I did charge my camera. The one I had bought in Mexico in 2018. I thought, if it will be a problem with the smartphone to save photos in the mountains, the camera will work.

Before going to sleep I watched YouTube: Rick Steeves travel. This evening about Greece and France.


4th Aug 2021

Even I watched the movies, I awoke quite early, actually at 6:30am. Though I checked messages – even from warmshower hosts.

Before noon I was going by bike to the special warehouse area and bought a new cooler bag, new cooler clamps, a new bycicle lock – for the cooler bag as well as a hat for the hiking – one, where I can use a mosquito net on top.

Also this evening I had a chat by signal with my daughter Maria.


5th Aug 2021

I awoke at 6:40am and was not going to bed again, because it was the first day of our mountain hike. I packed my backpack after I have had breakfast and dressed. I was a little heavy, but I thought, it will be less heavy, when I have eaten of my food and I was expecting, that I will get help with carrying my sleeping bag and my sleeping pad.

All the participants: Terese, Tess, Anders, Peter, me and Jarmo, the leader had to meet at 10am around 10 minutes walk from my home. That was no problem for me to go there with my backpack and I thought, I will make it on the hike as well. To come to the mountain, called Helags we had to go by car for around 8 hours. Our hiking leader had rent a minibus and he and another guy did drive this day. We had a rest at a fast food restaurant in Sveg. Fortunately they also served vegetarian and vegan meals, but only a very few different. By the way, during the ride, Terese and I had a long conversation, most about, that she would like to open a recreation center somewhere – with animals and classes in painting, because she is a teacher in painting for primary school.

After the meal we continued to Kläppen. I do not know, if there is a village, I only have seen the car park there. There is the minimum of comfort – dry toilets and a hut, where people can change clothes. Here Thomas met up with us. Most of our group had their tents and set it up in the evening. Here in Kläppen – at this time of the year, it was still sundown at 11pm. A young woman was willing to share her tent with me, but here in Kläppen she told us, she will not put it up for one night only. Though we both slept in the minibus. By the way, Thomas was sleeping in his car. I did get cold during the night, even I had warm clothes on – and by that I had to go and pee several times. Each time I had to open the noisy door of the minibus.



6th Aug 2021

In the morning, we had to use our hiking stoves/kitchens and cooked e.g. porridge. When Terese and I were ready and waiting, Jorma told us, that we could start already and we asked him, if it is correct to follow the trail to the right. He said yes. I was there first and was walking for a short while. Terese was already on her way, soon meeting me, when I told her – down on the flat, that I do not find any way further, because all is wet and it looks like a bog. She tried to find a way through, but gave up as well and called Jarmo instead. Though we found out, that we had taken the wrong path. We were hiking on a winter path for scooters and skiers. During summer time, it was not possible to use it. Therefore we were going back. Here I tried to take some photos, but the batteri of my camera exploded. I took a photo with my smartphone instead and more all after we were hiking. Jarmo, Peter and Thomas met up with us. Jarmo told us, that Tess and Anders had started earlier than them.

Jarmo and I were the slowest, but that depended on me. He helped me uphill, lifting my bag until we came further and had a rest. I do not know, what happened, but after the rest I was not able anymore to carry my backpack and Jarmo did take mine as well as his. He was going first with one of the backpacks, leaving it, coming back and taking the other one. I was very ashamed, but I could not help. At one point, the others were waiting for us. Terese were telling me soon, that it is not possible to hike so slow. She did not like, that we did need so much time, even I explained, that Jarmo makes double the distance by helping me – and there were no problem for the others, because they could walk in their own speed and take rests, waiting for us. Though I did not understand her attityd. She was young and strong, but I was not. Anyway I had no problems to walk all the way without my backpack.



After the rest, Jarmo told us many times, that the mountain station will soon be reached, but it took many more kilometers before we finally reached it. From that rest, we also got help to carry my backpack. The other participants carried it partly and changed, whom was carrying it. At one point Tess told me, we should start going further, because we have to make a very down and uphill passage. I did not have any problems with it for my trekking poles. Jorma had asked Peter and Thomas for help, but they were hurrying to the mountain station. Peter later came back to help us, but there were no many kilometers to hike, when he arrived at our group.

I was very surprised about the area with the mountain station. There was a wide flat with a couple of mountains on the side of it. The flat was very wet. The mountain station had a main building with a restaurant and a bathroom. There were also different buildings with hostel rooms, kitchens, showers and toilets as well as there was a small building, which had emergency beds, I was told – but that was wrong I heard later.



Soon the gang was putting up their tents. I helped Terese with hers and I tried to help Thomas, who did not understand, what was the bottom and what was not. I did not understand that either, though Thomas got help of Jarmo at the end.

We were going to cook meals in the kitchens. Unfortunately I was in another kitchen than the others of our group. When I was on my way back to the tents, Terese called me. I could not here, where she was, but after a while. Therefore I had company with them for a while. During this time in the kitchen, I was told about the emergency beds and luckily I did not know anything more about it, but next morning.

I dressed well for the night and the temperature was pleasant when we were going to sleep, but it was getting cold during the night.


7th Aug 2021

I was awake around 4am, because I was freezing and I also had to use the bathroom. I took my sleeping bag and was first to the bathroom and continued to the house with the emergency beds. There were 4 pairs of boots in the entrance and I had get to know, that there were eight beds in this house. Coming into the dorm, there were two lower beds empty and I took the closest one. I had a good sleep for two hours and, while anyway awake, I was going back to our group of tents. Though nobody did see, that I was sleeping in one of those beds for a couple of hours and I think, that was good.

When I was picking up my backpack with my clothes, all my clothes were wet. The backpack has been under the open “roof” of the tent, but on the grass. I took the wet clothes anyway and tried to try them outside the kitchen, where I had my breakfast. For washing me, I did go to another house. My clothes were still wet, but I dressed in them anyway. I was afraid to get a cold, but fortunately, I can tell you already now, that I did not get one.

Thomas told me then, that the weather report predicted rain for Sunday and he told me, that we have to go back this Saturday. Terese told me some minutes later, that Thomas, Björn and she will hike the mountain and was very happy, when I told her, I will not go with them, because we have to go home the same day. It took a lot of time, before they were away and Terese had stoved her backpack in the house with the emergency beds. Later she told us, that the people, who usually sleep there, were angry about her and that this building was for employees only.

Jarmo and Thomas had fixed, that one of the employees was going to Kläppen with Jarmo’s backpack, that he could carry mine all the way back. Jarmo också had got a problem with his feet by walking so much the day before. Therefore he was happy, not to carry his heavy backpack back- yes, it actually was much heavier then mine. He had also a tent, his own sleeping bag and sleeping pad and other useful items in it. Before we started on the way back, I lengthen the straps of my backpack, that it was better for him.

While Jarmo and I was ready, Tess and Anders were not happy in stressing. They did not have taken down their tent either. Therefore Jarmo and I started without them. The were coming later and caught up with us halfway. We also saw the young man, who was carrying Jarmo’s backpack. He did it for free, because he had a day or two off and was anyway going to Kläppen.



Without a backpack I had no problems at all to hike the way back – by the way, it was much easier this way around as well. I now could see, how much high we gained during the day before. There were a few really heavy long climbs. When we had overcome all the difficult stretches, I have seen, that I lost my cardigan. Though Jarmo was going back, looking for it. Even I told him to leave my backpack with me, he did not. It was a more than 30 minutes walk, before he found it. While I was waiting a couple, also coming from the mountain station, told me, that they had found me cardigan and put it on a tree twig. She also told me, that I have for another almost 30 minutes for Jarmo, because it was so long back. Actually, when Jarmo was back, he told me (because I questioned), that my cardigan nearly was at the place for our last rest – where, by the way, Tess and Anders got engaged.

When Terese told me about their plans to hike the mountain, I told her, that we, who are not doing that, will have time to eat lunch in Kläppen. She told me, we will not. At the end, we had to wait for hours for them. We were going to the nearby village of Ljungdalen (I wrote about it in my blogpost about Mountain hiking) for a meal and went back to Kläppen (by minibus, of course) and still had to wait a couple of hours.

We left Kläppen late. When we arrived in Sveg, it was dark and we were happy to be able to get a meal at the same restaurant as we stopped on our way to Kläppen. Jarmo, Björn, Tess and Anders did share the drive home.


8th Aug 2021

We reached Katrineholm at 4am. I was tired and disappointed – not only of the whole situation, but also of me. The only one, I was not disappointed about was Jarmo. He is really a great leader, understanding that elder people are not really as quick as younger ones etc. I do not know, if I ever will hike in the Swedish mountains again. If I do, I will only do it with a booked bed and eating at the restaurant. I will not even carry a stove with me. Overnight oats are an option for breakfast.

I was sleeping a little longer this day. I think, it was around 10am when I could not sleep more. I took care of all my hiking stuff and my clothes. Later I was on the Internet and tried to save my photos. Unfortunately it was not possible. I had four or five fotos on the SD-card of my camera and the photos on the SD-card of my smartphone were all gone or better, they were still there, but without possibility to see them. I tried to find a software, who could help me and installed filestar, but without luck. All the guys and girls of our group did upload photos from the hike on Facebook. There were some with me as well and I downloaded them. Jarmo also sent me two photos of me by email.

Maria and I chatted a while by Signal before I was going to bed.


9th Aug 2021

I should have played boules, but I did not. I was to depressed. I really did not do a lot, just ventilated my sleeping bag and my sleeping pad as well as I took care of my dead pansies.

Marcus and I was chatting by Skype as well, there has not been any possibility to do it in Helags and he did not await me back before Sunday evening.


10th Aug 2021

I prepared for picking up my vegetables at my supplier. Maria called me and Samuel’s stomach ache was gone.

I cooked an unusual vegetable stew with carrots, tomatoes and part of a cucumber from last week as well as fresh vegetables for frying, garlic, onion and vegan sausage. It was delicious. In addition to that I made tzatziki.


11th Aug 2021

I was to the grocery shop and made some housework. In the afternoon I cooked squash with (fresh) mushrooms, halloumi cheese etc. Very similar to the one, which had been stolen in Flen. It was delicious.

I also was a lot on the Internet and checked my route for “BikingForFuture” again. Furthermore I have got an email of my girlfriend Erika, telling me, she sent pocket money. I am very grateful about it, but I also have bad conscience about it. My girlfriends always have been so generous to me, but I chose my path by myself and it is my mistake, that I do not have a lot of money.


12th Aug 2021

I had a late morning, but was eating a lot this day. I just felt hungry all the time. I did not understand that. I never do.

Internet was my best friend again. I continued to work with my route for “BikingForFuture”. I also answered all the invitations I have got by a Facebook group. Therefore I also had a late evening.


13th Aug 2021

I awoke 9:10am and I am very proud, that I was demonstrating for future in front of our town hall anyway and even I discovered on my way out of the building, where I live, that the battery of my ebike was stolen. I do not understand, why someone stole it, because it can only be used with me e-bike and there are stickers on the battery, telling it.



During our activity I told Irene about the theft and she told me, she think, I will get the money for a new battery. It had happened to her with an unlocked battery (there just was no lock) and she got the whole amount for the battery. I also asked her, if she may care about my apartment, when I am on my way to Glasgow and back. She told me, she will. In addition to that I told her, that she can pick up my groceries at the meeting point of my supplier and use it. She will as well. I am happy about it.

When I was home again after the demonstration I first reported to the police – by their homepage. Directly afterwards I reported to my insurances. If you are wondering, why I write insurances, it depends on, that I have a home insurance and there was an insurance coming with the bike. Meanwhile I have a deductible on my home insurance, the insurance, which came with the bike pay that deductible.

This done I called my bike shop, asking if they have such a battery I need. I was not expecting that and during this pandemic, it is hard to get new batteries, because of the lack of components. Luckily my bike shop had one. When I was asking for the price, I was told, it was for some more than 6,000 SEK (600 EUR). Therefore I really hope, the my insurance will pay for it. It is not good to be short on money while traveling – even by bike. I already have a tight budget.

At my bike shop, there was a young man working there and he had neither a glue about the battery nor the system. Though, first he was asking an ordinary assistant for help, than he gave me that battery and I had to tell him, that the battery has to be coded. The battery was not charged and the coding was not possible right away. Therefore I had to leave my bicycle for the weekend.

I tried to send the photo of the damage regarding to the theft of the battery to the police, but it was not possible by their homepage. Though I called and got the answer, that the officer will contact me, if that photo is needed, but before I came so far to speak with an employee, I had been waiting in a queue for 10 minutes after a synthetic voice let me choose of a lot of options. It was horrible with that voice.


14th Aug 2021

Time to get my bike back. I had to pay 6,400 SEK. I think, it was a small amount for the coding as well and I was surprised about that, because one cannot use the battery without coding and also the battery is expensive enough, that the coding should be included. I asked in the bike shop about biking when raining – especially for that missing part (see photo above) and I was told, it is OK – even there is another text in the manufacturer’s specifications.

I have got a message from the police, stating, that the case is set. I was very disappointed, because they did not ask for the proof of damage. I had a phone call with Maria, a chat by Skype with Marcus and a man from the dancing club did contact me by Facebook messenger. I was so surprised, but it seemed, he really needed someone to talk with.


15th Aug 2021

This was a boring day. Anyway I wrote some more lines for my blog for the month of July. In addition to that I worked a little more on my plans for the “BikingForFuture” and stayed on the Internet. With other words: I did not leave my apartment this day and [blush] I did not dress either.


16th Aug 2021

The insurance, which pays for deductible sent me an email and asked for a copy of the receipt for the battery for a pay out of the deductible. The home insurance sent also an email, asking for the police report.

The weather was so bad, that there was no boules games this day. I was checking, if my bike still is in the bike room, because I am afraid, that the thief will try to get the bike as well for having use of the battery. I was happy, when it still was there.

A reporter from the Katrineholm’s Kuriren (our local newspaper) called me, willing to write an article about the theft of the battery, because it was stolen from an elderly and in our house only elderly people are living.

I have got another invitation of a host via Facebook. The host is living in Beekbergen, which is situated south of Apeldoorn and I already had changed my route to go via Apeldoorn. Though I happily thanked for the invitation and told her, I will come. That made me updating my route again.


17th Aug 2021

I have got another email from the insurance for the deductible. They are asking me all the questions again, I have answered earlier. I filled all in, but also told them, that they already have this information.

Working with the text for my blog for the month of July 2021, I had to interrupt for picking up my vegetables like every Tuesday.


18th Aug 2021

I awoke by a nightmare. I had dreamed, that I am in a Swedish, red house and later outside, together with young children pressing against the walls while a bomber is circulating over the house. He also dropped one, but it was staying on the roof and did not explode. A neighbor with dark skin came running to us from an apartment house. We were all pressing against the walls of our little Swedish cottage. When I awoke, I was thinking about the Taliban and also aware of, that Sweden is not in a war. I really hope, that all wars will end soon and the Taliban not come to Sweden. This I also wrote on my private twitter account.

I have got a headache after that dream and my whole day was grey and unhappy. I mostly was on Facebook and twitter and also played mahjong.


19th Aug 2021

I was to the grocery shop nearby, did some homework and updated my blog with the month of July 2021. By the interview on Climate Action there were two people contacting me, who were interested in to follow me on my trip to Glasgow. Both told me, they have no money and I answered them, neither have I, but I will try anyway. One of these were a guy from Katrineholm, telling me he has a mountain e-bike, the other is a girl (student) from Jönköping, which is situated south of Katrineholm. I need four days by bike to go there. The girl, Sarah, is really interested in to follow me, though I emailed her my route plan as well as the information about the pandemic restrictions for the different countries, we will cross. Unfortunately, she has not got her second SARS-CoV-2 vaccine shot yet.

I also have got another invitation from a guy and his family by Facebook. He actually is neither on warmshowers nor on couchsurfing, but he is a friend of a Green Party member here in Katrineholm. They are living outside Tranås and by lack of hosts in Ödeshög, where I earlier thinked, I will stay overnight, I changed my route and will stay with that family.


20th Aug 2021

I did oversleep and was in a hurry to our weekly demonstration in front of the town hall. I had a sandwich and te with me, because I have not had time to eat and drink anything before leaving. Irene and I was chatting a lot, e.g. about really secure locks for bikes and also about special DNA for bikes, which will be registered though the bike can be recognized over the entire world. She also gave me the newspaper from the day before with the article about the stolen bike battery.

After our demonstration I went to the bike shop and was buying such a secure lock as well as a little bag for my smartphone, which can be fastened on the bike. In this little bag I can see the smartphone – important for Google maps, and use it and it will not become wet. In addition to that I bought a repair kit for bicycle hoses, but I did not get any tools for it. Furthermore I did not find a good, but small bicycle pump. The shop assistant tried them out, but told me, they are not working.

Coming back home, my neighbor to the right was leaving her apartment with her trash, therefore we had a chat. It was the first time I ever have met her. She told me, she is from Gaza and has lived in Syria for many years, where she has been a teacher for Arabic languages. Her husband is dead and she came to Sweden with her grown up daughter. She do not speak Swedish and her English is not good either, but good enough for making her understood. Anyway, it took a while for me before I understood, that she is from Palestine and not from Israel.

In the late afternoon I made a phone call with Sarah from Jönköping. I think, it is her first trip outside Sweden. Anyway she seems never have been on a trip by her own – maybe I am wrong, I will tell you, when I know. I think, she has seriously decided to follow me.


21st Aug 2021

I slept over the first alarm. I think it was, because I felt asleep late last night. It was around 4am.

I made a trip by bike to the countryside (for buying a used pair of shoes for only 50 SEK/5 EUR) – a farm a little further away than Stora Malms Kyrka (a church and parish home). The church has a clock tower from 1736, though I stopped at the place and took a few photos.

I was back at home at 12:40pm – in time to chat with my son Marcus by Skype, but he asked me to chat later. He was occupied at 1pm.

I tried to repair the given chair and first it seemed OK, but some days later – I already can tell you, it broke again. It is only a crossbar, which has to be fixed, but it is very important to do so. Afterwards I put my bike battery for charging. It has to be charged for 24 hours, because at the bike shop, they did not charge it enough. Furthermore I tried to fastened the little “smartphone” bag on my bike, but it does not fit. Anyway, I think, I can make it fit easily. I just need an afternoon for it – or maybe less.

I also was in contact with the host outside Tranås. It was hard to find his place, but with the totally correct directions, Google found it.

I tested a new meal with beetroots. The beets had to be cut in four and pesto had to be put on the top. In the original recipe, there should be lenses and potato mash as a side dish, but I did take mixed beans, because they had run out of date and I wanted to use them. It was a meal, prepared in the oven. Very easy to make with other words and it was tasty.


22nd Aug 2021

Finally I cared about the last vegetables from Tuesday. I had more beetroots, though I made a soup, similar to Borscht. I did not have all the ingredients for original Borscht, but the soup was not bad. I also cooked a soup of carrots with coconut milk. It was the best carrot soup I ever have eaten – I must admit, I usually really do not like carrot soups. There were green beans as well and they became a warm side dish. The soybeans, I have got, were hard to take out of the husk, because of their hull. It feels very disgusting for me. I could not handle them without plastic gloves. Now they are waiting for to be eaten after frying. I pickled the China cucumber. Finally I was so tired, I was happy, all was done.

My former CS Sandra and Jost from Munich, who are moving to Sweden, will surely visit me soon, they messaged me by Whats App. Therefore I ordered some eggs as well from my vegetable supplier.

At the end of the day I was watching some travel movies on YouTube.


23rd Aug 2021

I prepared my site “BikingForFuture” on my blog. I saved it as a draft and will upload it 31st Aug. I did this for making it easier for me to update my blog while traveling – by my smartphone only. I have to expect limited wi-fi access, even in most of the countries, one can use wi-fi at libraries, I found out, but there will not always be time for that. I will find out, if that really helps and in that case, I will do it similar with upcoming travels.

I had used our message system for the health sector the day before, here called 1177 and sent a message to my GP, asking for an allowance to get more than one gallipot of my medicines before leaving for Glasgow. This day I have got a message, that I have a lot of medicine not prescribed of my GP and I should call the upcoming day. Instead I sent a new message, telling them, that I only mean the medicines, which the GP had prescribed. Otherwise I would not contact him. I also wrote down the names of the medicines.


24th Aug 2021

It was time for me to go to Stockholm by train, because I had an appointment with my dentist, or better with a dental hygienist at my dentist’s. For being Tuesday, I had to be back in time for picking up my vegetables, though I was leaving early and, as most of the time, I was afraid to miss the train, therefore I did walk quite fast and was at the train station in half an hour. I did not take my e-bike, because I think the battery is too heavy to carry with me the entire day.

I had two stores to look for, one called Naturkompaniet, where I knew, the would have leggings against rain (against becoming wet feet) for hiking shoes and the other one to look for a pump to my bike and similar items. Unfortunately the first Naturkompaniet store did not have what I was looking for, but there was another close by (they actually have almost four stores in the city center of Stockholm) and there I could buy what I was looking for as well as other items – bike gloves and a water bottle with a filter.

Before entering the next shop – not far away, even I had to ask for the direction (I have not been in Stockholm for a long time for the pandemic) I used the bathroom in one of the most expensive stores in Stockholm: NK. I was not very lucky at the next store. The service was very bad, but I finally found a bicycle pump and tools for taking off tires. I was also looking for a real thin beanie, which would work under a helmet. They were sold out and not coming in before the next day. I told the shop assistant, that I do not live in Stockholm, though the next day does not help me. I think, when it is getting cold I can find such a beanie wherever I am, but I am afraid, they will be much more expensive in other countries.

I was just in time for the dentist. His dental hygienist was not working this day because of a sick child. Though he cleaned my teeth himself. He also introduced an electric toothbrush for me, which was very similar a usual toothbrush. I did buy one and give it a try. I had a sandwich and drinking water with me and had a seat, ate and drank at the dentist’s waiting room.

When I was leaving I did take the next bus to the underground and the next underground to the central station. All went smooth and I only had a short waiting time at the central station. I was back a quarter past five in the afternoon and had to pick up my veggies a quarter to six, if I wished to pick them up close to my home. I was not sure, I will make it and also thought, the train was late and not really arriving 17:15pm. Though I messaged my supplier that I will pick my veggies up in the car park in the town center (where most of the customers do pick up there vegetables). I had a seat on a bench close to the carpark and enjoyed watching the traffic and the people – I was surprised, how many drivers do not know the right for left rules! (We have right hand traffic in Sweden.)

With my vegetables I was walking home and actually I was not fast at all. My legs and especially my feet were tired. I unpacked my vegetables at home and put all of them in my fridge. In addition to that, I unpacked the items I had bought in Stockholm, took the prices etc off, took a photo with them and put them on my panniers (where I collect things for my bike tour).



The last I did this day was to read my message from 1177. They told me to call. As well as I did sent an email to my home insurance, because the amount promised should have arrived 18th this month and I have not got it. I am getting nervous.


25th Aug 2021

It was a very rainy day, but between 10am and 11am it was dry – even the sun was shining for a little while. I took the opportunity and rode my e-bike to the bike shop for it’s first service. I asked, when the service will be done and told them, that I need it at least next week Tuesday again. The assistant, who care about my bike first was going for another assistant and he promised to sent a message as soon as the service is done – which does not mean, it will be done in time :-(, but I hope so.

I read the answer from 1177 and they told me again, that I have to call. So I did and the phone message was synthetic. I had to put in numbers – even my PPS number and my phone number and was told, that I will be called back around 2pm. I hate this system!

I have got an answer from the home insurance, telling me, that the administrator had done a mistake and I would only get the promised amount minus 25%, because of negligence, when I left my battery on my e-bike. I answered, that the battery was locked to the bike as well as it has the digital lock to the bike, but she did not change her mind. Neither did it help, when I was asking for the comprehensive insurance, which is a part of my insurance. She told me – all by email, that it is not working in that case. Though I was first reading my insurance papers and there was not written anything about batteries for e-bikes. Just a general clause, that the insurance can make a 25% deduction in case of negligence. Now I checked on the Internet, if there is any chance to ask for reconsideration and how to do. The next thing I did was writing an e-mail, explaining the whole situation and asked for a reconsideration. I also told them to read on the homepage of the make of my bike, how that digital lock is working and gave them the name and address of my bike shop to ask them, if they do not understand. I was thinking about, how surprised the shop assistant of my bike shop was, when I told him, that my battery was stolen. I will see, what they answer. If they do not change their mind, I will go further. By the way, I did get the reduced amount in a minute after I have got that email. Maybe, if I had not asked at all, I never had got any amount. This I also was complaining about.

I also was in contact with Sandra and Jost again. They were asking for how long they will be allowed to stay with me. I answered them, that they are welcome until 1 september early in the morning, because they can not be here without me – I could loose my contract for the apartment.

Around 2pm I did get a call from the polyclinic and I was able to tell her, what I already had written. She told me, that my GP is on vacation, but will be back on Monday and she will put my errand on his desk for Monday afternoon. I hope it will work.

Finally I was writing the text for my blog for August 2021 (1st to 25th).


26th Aug 2021

My bike shop sent me a message, that the service of the bike was already done. Unfortunately it was raining all the day, though I did not pick it up. I was really productive this day and first fixed the little bag for my bike (the one for my smartphone) and then finished to sew all the special kitchen towels, but four of them still lacked buttons.

The SSF bike DNA-anti-theft-marking has arrived in a big and thick, but usual envelop. The mail man was so kind and ringed my bell and gave it to me with the words: “I don’t know what is in the envelope, it may brake if I put it through the mail slot in your door.”

My friends Sandra and Jost sent a Whats App message, asking me, if I need something from the supermarket. They arrived around 6:30pm and we had a very nice and late evening. It was midnight, when we were going to bed.


27th Aug 2021

I slept over my alarm clock for my first medicine, after I have been awake very early in the morning. That did not really matter, I did not have any appointment, I thought – but actually, I forgot my “FridaysForFuture” demonstration. I only remembered it a quarter past 11am and I would not have been there before around high noon, which did not make any sense. Instead I finished the special kitchen towels. There were six of them. Therefore I gave one to Sandra for their new home and sent one to my former host in Gnesta as a late thank you for hosting me twice.

Jost helped me with the broken bulb in the kitchen as well as putting up a lamp in the hall. When Sandra and Jost had left for the gym, I was picking up my bike at the bike (repair) shop. I asked for help with my Crescent app, but they did not find the problem either. I was told, I should be back, when the assistant can call Crescent (the producer) and that they have lunch between 12pm and 1 pm. Well back I checked, if I fixed my little bag for the smartphone correctly and yes, it is working, but it could have been better. The straps are still a little short.

I also was to my closest grocery shop and bought a few things, among others Feta cheese. First I had taken one, with the Best before date just passed and asked, if I could buy it for half of the price, but the answer was: We are not allowed to sell it anymore.

Back at home I made a salad and added the Feta cheese. I also made a rhubarb pie, because I was afraid, that the meal would not be enough for my guests as well. Having the meal I found out, that it was just enough for us. Actually usually there are no left-overs, when Sandra and Jost are guests. I really like that.


28th Aug 2012

This morning I was waxing (I used bee wax for clothes) my winter jacket for making it waterproof. I have to take it with me for the month of November and December, that I am not freezing. The wax had to be ironed (on low heat) on the jacket, though I ironed my kitchen towels as well.

We were talking about Sandra’s and Jost’s new home and I asked her for her shoe size. Afterwards I asked her to try my lined Wellingtons and they did fit her, though she got them as a present of me – or a kind of thank you for all the help.

Sandra and Jost was to the gym this day as well, but they were soon back, because the gym did close early. Though we were going to some shops at the warehouse area called “Lövåsen” by car – because of the rain. I was only looking for a few things, but they were hard to find, especially original Gaffa tape. I will have it for my battery to make it more waterproof (where it sticks together): I have to change that tape every day, because I have to charge the battery every day and I was very interested in to have the original Gaffa tape, because the tape does not leave any adhesive residues. I also posted the special kitchen towel for my former host in Gnesta.

Sandra was also washing their clothes at my home and I booked the laundry room for drying. I had towels to dry as well and used the dryer there.

Before we had our evening chat (this time about places we have been and our experiences there) – which lasted for hours, Sandra did cut my hair with my hair cutting machine. It became very short, but it will grow again. By the way, Sandra loves it on me.


29th Aug 2021

Jost took my e-bike to my apartment by the elevator. I tried it before, but the elevator is not big enough to just put it in. One has to lift the front wheel up and have the bike on the back wheel only, which is too heavy for me. Actually these friends arrived, just when I needed them the best.

I made the hood of my winter jacket waterproof and afterwards I made my e-bike theft-proof and wrote the codes with my name and address in the international online register. It is a two way security. One of them is a code and a phone number on four different places of the bike, which only can be read by special UV-lights and the other is a DNA code, fastened on many places on the bike. Last but not least I put the stickers on my bike, which tells a thief, that this bike has it’s own DNA etc.

In the middle of the day Sandra and Jost did go to the gym again. Back again, Jost also cooked a meal in a pot. The ingredients were long, green bean pods – which he cut, potatoes, tomatoes, onion etc. It was delicious. In the evening we did sit in the kitchen and were chatting again for hours.

During the day, an upcoming host from the Netherlands did sent me a message by Fb messanger, telling me, that I will be welcomed by dinner of a little group of people of Extinction rebellion (XR). She was asking me for more information about me and my arrival date and time as well as for a photo.

By the way, I did get a positive answer from a warmshower host in Norrköping this day. It was the first one I had asked. Though I informed the others, that I do not need to stay with them (one had kids with chicken pox) and actually two of them did not have the opportunity to host me and the other just had not seen my request. It feels much better now.


30th Aug 2021

Around midnight I sent more requests to both warmshower and couchsurfing hosts for the remaining towns in Sweden, I will go to. I have to deal with, that by the pandemic, a lot of hosts has not been online for a year or more and they are not verified by the payment for couchsurfing. Early in the morning I have got an answer of a warmshower’s host in Ljungby and his answer was positive! I actually got an answer by Facebook messanger from one of the couchsurfing hosts. She told me, that she cannot answer me on couchsurfing, because she had not paid the yearly fee, which was introduced in 2019, I think. Anyway, she could not help me, because she was working until 11pm. Furthermore I have got an answer from a WS-host in Markaryd and he had to decline, even he would like to host me, but he will not be at home during the days I asked for. Even from Åstorp, a CS-host declined, because he was moving in those days. Anyway, I found a host for Markaryd this day. It is a CS host, which have not been on CS for more than a year. Though I was very positively surprised and happy, of course.

Around 8am I also had sent an email to a newspaper called Norrköpings Tidning – for an article about my “BikingForFuture”, but they declined, telling me, I should asked their sister-company Katrineholms kuriren.

I tried to get my bike and the Crescent app to work together, but could not manage it. Though I wrote an email to the Crescent company. Their answer was, that all was OK with my account and I can now also see in my app, that my bike is insured for the deductibles. It did not work anyway even I checked that both Bluetooth accounts were activated.

At 1pm I was playing boules as usual on Mondays. I had been taking a walk, though I could have company with my girlfriend Irene in her car to my apartment. Well here, I showed her around and explained about my mismanaged pot flowers. She was much better than me and told me, how I had to care about them. Maybe, when I am back home, they will look really nice and be very healthy.

Irene already had left, when Sandra contacted me and asked me, if I need something from the supermarket. I answered, I do not need anything. They arrived here with lots of “Karl-Johan-mushrooms”, also called Boletus in English (Steinpilze in German). Sandra and Jost have not been at a gym, but has been in the forest and found a lot of nice mushrooms. Jost did prepare them for dinner. I had the opportunity to offer bread from the freezer (one of the bread I baked a time ago with oat flour).

Even this evening we chatted a lot. Finally to bed I was sending an email to another newspaper in Norrköping, that one called “Folkbladet”. I don’t know how big the circulation of the newspaper is, but I think both newspapers have around the same number of subscriptions.


31st Aug 2021

I have got an email from my girlfriend Erika, wishing me a good trip to Glasgow. I am happy about her email. I actually tried another hour to get my Crescent “koppla”app and my bike to connect. I could not manage it, though I have to go to the bike shop for help. I also was looking for my belt bag and luckily I found it – in the drawer with other bags, as it should be.

Before Jost and Sandra left for the gym this day, Jost took my bike down. Anyway, I did not leave directly, because the bike shop has to call Crescent and they have lunchtime between 12pm and 1pm and it was already a quarter to 12pm.

… will be continued soon

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