1st February

I took a shower even I do not have a heater for the moment. I tried to put on the AC-heating with the door to the bathroom open to get some warmth in the bathroom and it was working. Anyway I spend the most of the morning in bed because the weather, but I am not sleeping – I always have something to look for with the help of my devices and I am continuing with my blog. From now on I try to write each day about the day before. I hope I will manage it all the upcoming time.

The weather was good enough to have the windows open all the day, though my towels were drying well. I went to work as usual and I am happy, that it is warm there.


2nd February

My towels were already dry even I hanged them in my flat. I will wait for the next laundry until my next day off in the hope, that it will not be so windy anymore, because just now, not only the possibility of rain make it hard to have the laundry on the roof, but the wind. There are gusts up to 50 km/h.

After finishing my blog for January and starting with the new month I was to the convenience shop at the corner for some bread, cheese and handkerchiefs. Directly after that I had to go to work again. During the evening I was talking with a colleague about the German Authority for Unemployment. She told me, that she and her family have got help with the expenses for moving to Malta. I only asked for the dues for my parcel from Hamburg to Malta, but did not get any help because they told me it is not possible, because I was moving to another country. You really have to check about all the possibilities by another way than asking “your” official. If you know the law, you can get something. That is unfair, I think. The official should offer you by their own all help there is.


3rd February

I started to write the Introduction Letter for Servas one more time, because Alfred asked me by phone to write it on the computer. I am happy about that, because that will be much better than my handwriting. I could not finish it this day because I had to go to work again (as usual on Tuesdays).

I asked my HR-colleague for a meeting by email because I need to get a form for the “Deutsche Rentenversicherung” filled in by her. After lunch I hurried to my convenience shop again before going to work and I was in time at work anyway. Nothing special happened at work.


4th February

I met my HR-colleague and have got the form filled in. I will scan it today and send it tomorrow to Germany. I asked her also about the public holidays, because I only have got six hours for a public holiday, but I am working 8 hours each day. She told me, that all I will get will be only 80% of 100. Therefore I will not get fully paid for public holidays even I work 8 hours those days, too. I think that is not fair, but I cannot make anything about it. Anyway I am happy that I can choose my working hours and the days I am working.

I had to ask a team leader for scanning my document for the DRV, because I have forgotten to ask my HR-colleague and the copy machine was moved to the HR-department. It was not working, though I have to make it another day.

By the way the sun was shining all day and colleagues told me that they were sweating during the day when they were out of the home. I just found it comfortable.


5th February

This day the sun was shining again and it was not very windy, only around 11 km/h. I washed two machines and put it on the roof. All clothes were dry when I took them down around 5pm. During the morning hours I was on “Connecting singles” again and found some interesting profiles. Maybe I will find a friend, maybe not. I am not dependent on it. It just would be nice to have one to go to the theatre and concerts and making some trips together and for carnival, of course. One man answered that he would like to chat with me, but first I had to made a meal for me and afterwards I was finishing the “Letter of Introduction” for Servas. I think it is too long. I am waiting for the feedback of Alfred.


6th February

I have got an answer this day from a German Internet Bank, that it is possible to open an account there for my German pension, though I am living abroad. Anyway I have to go to a German Post Office for the confirmation of my personal data. I anyway planned to go to Germany for deleting my current bank account, so I can do that both when time is.

I agreed for a meeting tomorrow with a Maltese 68-year-old gentleman. I will see, maybe we can do things together like enjoying theatre and concerts, take some walks and something like that. He is living in one of the “Three cities”, therefore we will meet in Valletta – halfway for each of us.

At 3pm the Besedo team and our leaving team leader gathered in a restaurant called “One Love African Bar and Restaurant”. Our team leader invited us for a meal called “Injeera”. It is African bread with a kind of well-flavoured beef and sauce as well as cream cheese and vegetables. We had to eat it the original way, that means with our right hand.





After the dinner I left early and went to the stationary and ask for a scan of my letter to DRV. The clerk dit it and put it on my stick. I like that service! On my way home I met Kathi one more time. I continued to the Pharmacy and my convenience shop before I finally went home.

At home I did cook a lentil soup for the following day and hade a nice evening with my laptop and my pictures, because I started to work with my pictures for my digital photo frame.


7th February

I was up early today – that means 7:30am. I put my rubbish out and my laundry on the roof. During my breakfast it was raining, but fortunately my clothes dried anyway until 2pm. After breakfast I was working with my blog “dorotheeineurope”. I started with Germany and uploaded pictures of Dresden. I have not had the time to finish it, because I had to go to Valletta for a meeting.

In Valletta I was surprised about the music and the tribune on the Republic Square. I was early for the meeting and tried to find out, what was going on. There was a school class(?) exercising their dance for carnival. Other classes were waiting for their turn. I still had time left before my meeting, though I enjoyed their practices.

At 3pm I was at the coffee shop and restaurant “Concordia” and waiting for D. He arrived just one minute after me. I have not had time to eat at home and ordered a sandwich and a cappuccino. I know it looks strange, but I was not in the mood to eat a cake. I had told my new friend before, that I will pay for me, so it was a good feeling to order just what I want to have. We had an interesting and joyful chat in around an hour and were than leaving for going to the bus. I really liked his company and was writing an email and thanking him for the meeting as soon as I was back at home.

My couchsurfer from last month called me, because she will go back to Italy on Monday and would like to meet me one more time before leaving. We made an appointment for the following day for 10am.

The rest of the day I spent to continue writing and uploading pictures on my blogs.


8th February

Because I spent all the night on the Internet, I slept until noon this day. I was at work as usual and so I did my job. I messaged the couchsurfer, who called the day before, that I did not sleep during the night and have to find some sleep because I have to go to work in the afternoon. She was very understanding in her message back and told me, that she will be back at the end of February, so we can meet than.

My new friend sent me an email that he would be comfortable with meeting the upcoming Friday and watching the Carnival session.


9th February

I booked the tickets for Carnival – two for the Friday session and one each for Saturday morning and Saturday evening, even I have to go by my own on Saturday. The tickets are quite cheap, only 5 EUR each for Friday evening and Saturday morning and 10 EUR for Saturday evening. That is one of the things I like on Malta. It is possible also for people with low-income to attend events. There are Carnival events until Tuesday, but I only can attend the early morning sessions on Monday and Tuesday, that means the parades at 10:15am, because I have to go to work. Maybe I will try to get vacation leave for Carnival next year.

In the evening, just before going to bed, I was checking my emails and made a grand mistake. I have got two emails of D., but did not notice, that they were from two different D’s. The first name was precise the same – also with the same spelling, but the last name were different and though they really were from different people. Therefore I will name them as D.F. and D.C. in the upcoming lines.


10th February

It is St. Paul’s Shipwreck Day – a public holiday. I met my new friend (D.F.) in Valletta for watching the parade of St. Paul’s Shipwreck. It started not as early as we expected, though we were for a cappuccino each and continued to Hastings gardens. At 12 o’clock we watched the Battery Salute in the Upper Barrakka Gardens. All the eight canons were used this day. Slowly we moved to St. Paul’s Street, came close to the band and were waiting until they started marching. Also we followed them a while. I have some scenes including the music on tape – unfortunately I cannot show them here. I was surprised about, that there only a band was marching and it was no procession. Later on I heard, that the procession will be held in the evening. While walking we have got homemade confetti on our heads and clothes – the street became full of it. There were people living in the street who have thrown paper strips from document destroyers. I would have enjoyed to see all the procedure of the feast, especially together with my friend, but I had to go to work in the afternoon again.



11th February

I stayed at my working place for my dinner break because it is so cold at home. I do not feel comfortable at all without the heater.

When I was coming home there was a letter from the hospital – for an ultrasound of my Thyroid on 6th March. That came suddenly and unexpected, because I thought before, that will never be done even my doctor and me were talking about it before. Maybe he did have some unexpected time off from his patients and therefore checked, what he was talking about with some of us.

When I already was in bed and checking my emails I read that my eldest son was at the hospital. He has problems with the gall. I hope all will be fine soon again.


12th February

I started to answer the email about my son from the day before. I was scared and thinking it might be very serious. My thoughts were for a friend of mine. Her daughter was becoming horrible ill in fall and died just before Christmas. I hope that will not happen with my son.

I meet D.C. for the first time. He is nice. He drove me to Mriehel and aslo home. We met in Hamrun in the Café de Republic and had a nice chat. I was walking there. It takes around half an hour, but would take almost the same time going by bus. When he offered me to drive me home, I told him, that I have to go to Mriehel, leaving my used batteries and asking at the Atrium for my heater. At the Atrium it took a while to get an answer, but then they told me the heater will be delivered to them the next day and they will call me, when it is there. Though he offered me to drive me there and bring me home. I will save a lot of time by that, of course. It is very kind of him. By the way also D.F. offered me his help and he can drive me by car if it is needed. I think and hope that I found really good friends this time. We will see.

When I came home, I was cleaning my flat. Afterwards I knocked on the door of my landlord. He was at home and coming into my flat that I could show him, what is wrong and he promised, that he will care for it soon. Though he told me, that he has to put all the colour off one of the walls in the bedroom – where his drain is going – to get it dry. Because it is winter, it has to be open for month. I think he just will not spend money for a special dryer for the building or maybe he does not know, that there is. He told me, too. that it is hard to read the meter for the water and after his explanation I asked him, why he does not make a photograph and then is reading of the meter from that picture. He told me, that it is a good idea and that he will try.

Later on I was at the stationary for printing the tickets for the Carnival and afterwards at the supermarket, because I need some food and tissues again. I spent around 100 EUR this time and around an hour in there. I ordered home delivery again, of course. It sounds a lot of money for just one person and I did not buy a lot of meat, but I bought some other last longing items like olive oil, mustard and so on. I think I will not spend so much money for food for a while. I do not need water bottles for around a month either.

When I came home I just ate a sandwich, drank a glass of juice and continued to Alfred from Servas for getting my “Letter of introduction” printed and signed by him. We had an appointment at 5pm. We met on his boat again. I did stay there just for some minutes because I have to be home for the delivery of my household items and food, even I asked at the supermarket to bring it between 6 and 7pm. It worked very well this time again and I should not have hurried so much. The evening I spent with my laptop and my tablet – after each other, of course.


13th February

This day the carnival is starting in Malta. obviously the Maltese people are preparing this feast for a long time, especially the costumes and the dances, but they do not celebrate carnival before the last Friday before lent. the main part of the feast is the dance competition. In this competition one can vote by phone or cellular phone for the best dance and the best costume.

The program for this year was the following (directly from the program):

Thursday 12th February 17.30 hrs

Pjazza Teatru Rjal (City Entrance Valletta)

Ceremony – The official hoisting of Carnival Flag at Pjazza Teatru Tjal Valletta, including the re-enactment of the Carnival Bandu.

Friday 13th February 18.00 hrs

Carnival Enclosure at St George’s Square

Dancing Competitions by Sections A, B and C Dancing Companies in Costume followed by a Defile along streets of Valletta led by Kind Carnival Float. Grotesque Masks and Bands plus Dancing Companies of Section. A and Satiric Floats. Seated Arena tickets 5 Euros.

Saturday 14th February

Carnival Enclosure St George’s Square and streets of Valletta

09.30 hrs Children’ Carnival with the participation of various dancing schools followed by a defile with the participation of King Carnival Float, Isolated Masks and bands. Seated Arena tickets 5 Euros.

16.30 hrs Defile along the Streets of Valletta with the participation of triumphal floats, bands and grotesque masks. Simultaneously  other Carnival events will be held in various areas in Valletta till late hours, amongst which “il-Qarcilla” which will be held in St. Johns Square.


Carnival 2015, Defile, Valletta, Malta

Carnival 2015, Defile, Valletta, Malta


18.00 hrs Dancing Competitions of companies in costume of Sections C, B And A incorporated with a Gran Defile by King Carnival Float, Triumphal floats of Section C, B and A, Satiric Floats and Dancing Company Section A floats. Venue: Carnival Enclosure at St George’s Square. Seated Arena tickets 10 Euros.

Sunday 15th February

12.30 hrs Carnival Grand Defile starting from Castille Square, Merchant Street, Archbishop Street, proceeding to Carnival Enclosure at St. George’s Square, along Republic Street up to Freedom Square.

14.30 hrs Grand Carnival Spectacle with the participation of Dancing Companies in Costume, Company Floats Section A and B, Triumphal Floats, Grotesque Masks, Band and Satiric Floats. Venue Carnival Enclosure at St Georg’s Square. Seated Arena tickets 12 Euros.

Monday 16th February

10.00 hrs Carnival Parade with the participation of various School Companies in Costume, isolated masks and Band.

16.00 hrs Last Night of Dancing Competitions of Sections C, B and A followed by Grand Defile including all Triumphal Floats, Companies in Costume and Floats, Grotesque Masks and Satirical Floats. Special reduced price for St. George’s Square seated arena ticket of 5 Euros.

Tuesday 17th February

10.00 hrs Carnival Parade with the participation of various School Companies in Costume, isolated masks and Band.

18.00 hrs Carnival Grand Finale along St Anne street, Floriana with the participation of all items of this year’s Carnival.

There will be held carnival in some of the villages on Malta, too. Furthermore there will be a great carnival program on Gozo, too. It is said, that it would be the best and biggest one on Malta.

I have been there on this Friday evening together with D.F. we were not able to talk a lot with each others, because the music. It was drizzling, too. The speakers announced the carnival companies only in Maltese. We left the competition before the end – we thought, but it could not have been much earlier than the end. We decided to go and eat somewhere and because D.F. recommended, we were going to the club of the Labour Party. It is situated on one of the main streets in Valletta, but on the second floor. It was clean there and quite cheap. I ate grilled rabbit for the first time on Malta. Now only the rabbit stew is left ;-).


Carnival Competition 2015, Valletta, Malta

Carnival Competition 2015, Valletta, Malta


By the way so did my landlord and his father start with the things, which should be repaired in my apartment and is the landlords choice. His father did the toilet box. It is not dropping anymore – I am happy about that.

My landlord tried to get the drain in the kitchen done, but nothing was working. There is still the stop in the pipes. He tried with several things.

The customer service from the Atrium did not call either, so I am still without my heater.


14th February

I was by my own to the children’s competition as well as to the evenings one, because D.F. was on a sailing regatta and D.C. is not interested in carnival at all, even he is Maltese, too.


Carnival 2015, Children's Competition, Valletta, Malta

Carnival 2015, Children’s Competition, Valletta, Malta


When I was back from the children’s competition I knocked on the door to my landlord, because when I came home the evening before, it was water under the sink – what is not good for the wood of the kitchen, of course. He tried again, but nothing helped this day either. I will see, when I can use my sink again properly.

Nobody called me from the Atrium this day either, though I have to call them on Monday.

In the evening I was to the next carnival competition. There were both children and adults and also the cars were going by, so I thought it is enough to go to the carnival on Saturday evenings because there is all in one. Unfortunately I missed my seating pad and got cold on my back. I must have dropped it, when I had to arise for people going to seats behind me. I could not find the pad on the “floor” either. I have to look for a new one.


15th February

I started the day with a shower, looking for a new job and had a video talk with my youngest son. I am looking for a job again because I am disappointed by my employer. OK, I have all what I want in relation of my working hours, but there are other things I do not like. I found a very interesting job on the site of the ETC and I will try to get it.

At work I have got a learning-by-doing-training of around an hour by our new specialist. She was satisfied with me.

When I came home, there were a message of my landlord, that I should have hot water in the sink and see if the water is running of properly. Though he has been in and tried one more time with chemicals to get the pipe free of shit.


16th February

I awoke quite early, but was too tired to put my trash out. There will be other days to do so. After breakfast I tried with the sink, but it was not working properly and I told my landlord. He will try to get an oxygen gas tube and blow the shit out. I hope the pipe will withstand it. Anyway I asked him if I am allowed to use the sink again, because I have to do my dishes and he did allowe me. The stop in the drain get much worse now and I poured two kettels of boiling water into the sink. The first did not help at all. I had to wait for a very long time before the sink was empty again. The second one did not help either :-(.

I found a more interesting job on ETC and wrote to them, asking what I have to send to them – because I would need German again in that kind of work, I needed to know if I should write something in German, too.


17th February

I wrote some emails to friends and relatives in the morning. When I was going to work I met a neighbor from downstairs who told me that it come showers of water from my drain on her window. She also told me it is not so awful just now, but when it will be warmer again and she will have the windows open, it would be terrible. I told her, that my landlord is working with my drain and that we hope it soon will be better.

I was waiting for an answer from that company, which I was writing to the day before, but there was no response. I also wrote to the ETC to find out how the legislation for part time workers is about public holidays, because also I am working 8 hours on a public holiday I only get the additional pay for 6 hours (that are only 75%! extra).

The customer service from the Atrium called me and told me that my heater is back and I can pick it up at their shop in Mriehel. It was just before I had to go to work.

I was raining a lot this day, it started around 2 o’clock in the night. OK, there were only showers (shorter and longer ones) and at night time also a thunderstorm. I prepared anyway for the worst and took my rain coat on.


18th February

Because the ETC told me where to send my question about the public holidays, I did that this day. I also filled in a resume, but when I tried to print it, I had to pay for it. It tooks all the morning for me and I could not made another one. Though I could neither send a CV or resume nor a cover letter to the company with the work opportunity. I was very sad about this, because I thought I really had a chance to get that job.

By the way, the customer service were calling from the Atrium one more time for the heater. I told them, that I will be off work the following day and than pick it up. The woman got satisfied.

It was raining a lot this day, too and a colleague told me about the flooding on the streets. I usually do not see that on the place I live.


19th February

It is already Thursday again and I am happy for my day off. I was only for a short time on the Internet at this morning, I just wrote an email to D.F. about the meeting time for this Friday and checked my Swedish and Maltese bank account. Both looks good :-).

I was going by bus to the Atrium and picked my heater up. I also bought another one – which I can have in the bathroom. I know, soon it will become warmer again, but it still is cold in the house and I think I will be on this island for one more winter.

Back at home I was working with my blog for all the evening.


20th February

This day the weather was really nice again, the sun was shining all the day, even it was cloudy sometimes. I awoke early because I had to put the rubbish out, but I fall asleep again for a while afterwards. Anyway I was eating breakfast around 9 o’clock and looking on the Internet how to write an English CV for Europe and how to write a cover letter because I deleted the one I have had when I was moving to Malta, expecting that it will be my last job in my life.

If it would work well at my employer’s I would not care either to try a better paid job, but I do not like that we have to take a cut off on the salary because the management is not able to communicate things properly.

I had an appointment with D.F. at 1pm in front of the church in Marsaxlokk and get a hurry around 10:45am because I had to put my laundry on the roof and also had to dress. I made it in time and was leaving my home 11.30am as planned. When leaving I found under the door a message from my neighbor down under, that we have to made something about the drain urgently, because it was flooding again on her windows – I think of the washing machine. I put the notice under the door of my landlord and left the house.

It was working well with the buses and I was in Marsaxlokk already around half past 12. There is market during weekdays, too and I was looking around. Actually there were no food market, only souvernirs and table clothes. I could not withstand a table cloth with embroidered sunflowers and bought it. Though I can change my table clothes at home when it is dirty and do not need to wait for a sunny day for washing. By the way it looks good on my table. Furthermore there were more of these small fishingboats in the harbour as I have seen before. It was very nice to see so many of them at the same time.


Marsaxlokk as it's Best

Marsaxlokk as it’s Best


When I just had eaten a banana, I had taken with me from my home, D.F. arrived. Soon we left Marsaxlokk in the direction of Marsascala. We tried to take the coast line, but it was not possible, because at one place there is a power station and on another place a private area. After the first miss (the power station) I turned on google maps and it helped us to find a track across the fields and in the right direction. Unfortunately we also had to walk on the road for a while. There where lots of beautiful views, but also a lot of water on the tracks, where it was difficult to come through with dry feet, but we did.



We came around the Xrobb l-Ghagin Park, but decided not to go in there because there was only the same way into and out of the area and there is nature all around anyway, but that was actually the second miss on our way, because we were enjoying the cost and the cliffs and I was not looking on google maps where to go. At this part we also made an unusual experience. There were lots of dogs of the same kind (we counted six of them at least) running and barking up and down the road. In a car there were a woman and another dog. One of the six dogs tog a bite in D.F. jeans. The dog owner, who meanwhile had left the car with the other dogs, did not apologize! One dog was coming close to me, too, but I shouted at him “don’t touch”, though he did not.

The rest of our walk has been placid. We did take a short rest at St. Thomas Bay, because I was taking some photographs. Soon we reached our goal: Marsascala and was continuing to another bay and a nice restaurant where we took a cappuccino and a piece of lemon cheesecake each. We were going back by bus together, but D.F. left earlier than me.

When I had been at home for a few minutes and also had taken down my clothes from the roof, my landlord was knocking at my door and talked with me about the next days repair. Finally he had fixed a tube of oxygen and will try to get the drain and pipe working properly again. I have to be dressed for letting him and his father in at 9am the following day. – The rest of the evening I spend with my computer.


21st February

This day it really happened, my landlord did get the drain and pipe clean. There were a lot of shit coming out of it when he used the oxygen. My drain is still dropping and my sink has to be fitted again, but I can make my dishes and also do my laundry again. I am happy about that, of course.

I really try to find another job. I had to register on the ETC-homepage and there were a little difficulty because I do not know how my employer registered me there – with my German ID-card maybe? I tried it first with my Maltese ID-card, but the system was asking for a scan of it. I do not have a scan of my Maltese ID-card and I did not think about that I can make one with my tablet. Therefore I did take the Swedish Passport. I still have the scan in my files. I have to wait for the approval before I can apply for jobs by that homepage.

In the evening I was watching movies on my tablet. I was really tired after writing the CV and the cover letter even I shortened my CV a lot compared with the German and Swedish one. I sent the documents to my friends and hope they will check them and give me advises if they are OK or better, maybe.


22nd February

I was checking what I could do next weekend together with Denis F. I found a premier at a theatre – the Blue Box, not far away from my place – on Friday night. It will be played a comedy called “All New People” and starts at 8pm. I asked him for company to the theatre, but he prefer to make a new walk and asked me where to go.


23rd February

Denis F. send me my CV and Cover Letter back with suggestions for improvement. I am happy about his help and well finish both the following day, because I have to send them at least on 25th. I also got my account at the ETC Malta confirmed and filled in all the fields requested. Unfortunately I could not fill in my employments. Therefore I wrote to the customer service asking if there is something wrong with this field or if there is a special reason, that it is not possible to fill the field. Furthermore I found more sites for advertisments of jobs.


24th February

It took time to change my CV, so it was ready to send. I did not have time enough for the improvement of the cover letter, because I had to go to work, this day, too, but 30 min. earlier, because we have the monthly team meeting. This evening I have got my schedule for March. I have not heared yet, if I either am allowed to have my vacancy in April or the one in May or both. I am really waiting for it, because I already booked the flights – as you know – and also friends are waiting for me.

The weather forecast shows nice weather on Friday and I sent information about walking tracks to Denis F. He decided, that he would like to go the “Windmills walk” from Zurrieq via Safi to Zurrieq. I sent him more information for this walk and we look forward to Friday.

I inivited Denis C. to my home for helping me with the OSs on my laptop on Saturday. He promised to come. Furthermore I bought an online-ticket for the theatre.


25th February

This day I finished my cover letter and sent this and the CV to an association, which is responsible for the Malta heritage, because they have a vacancy. I was wondering by my own if it will be too late, to send it, but maybe it will be an advantage to sent it just the last day for application periode. I also have had more contact with the ETC about my account. I have contact with an ETC-administrator now. We are just in a circle, because the answer I have got, was what I was asking for in the beginning.


26th February

Surprise, surprise! I have got an invitation for a job interview from the association for the heritage sites. They invited me already for the next afternoon and I have to postpone the walk with Denis F. I prepare for the next day – think about which questions I have regarding to the job and made some notes on my tablet, so I can remember them tomorrow. I was also going by bus to the office, where I have to be the following day for the interview, because I have no idea how long the way there will take and where the office is. I am afraid that I will not find it or not find it in time. It was quiet easy to find, but the building, where the office is in looked strange for me. Fortunately there were a man I could ask, if I was on the right place. I think it was the janitor. On my way home I also bought a book to recall my Spanish. I planned to buy such a book a time ago, but was buying it before now. In addition to that I was at Mark & Spencer looking for a “formal dress”, because it was written in the invitation, that I have to come dressed formally. I asked a sales person what she would recommend to wear, but she did not really show or tell me anything. That was cheap of course, because I decided to wear my old red costume.

I have had some emails about my account and have got questions and at least a good answer from another IT-guy at the ETC. I really have had three accounts on their homepage and my employment at Besedo was listed on one of the others. To register it will be made by the employer or buy the employee. In my case it was done three times at all. I was registered with my German ID, my Maltese ID and my Swedish passport. There is also a different spelling and maybe also on one account only my first Christian name was registered. The IT-administrator put all my three accounts together to one and so the employment section is working, but there are only my employments from Malta registered, I cannot put in the former ones. Anyway people can read that in my CV, though I think the CV will not generate some tags.


27th February

The whole day I was preparing for the interview at the foundation Wirt Artna. I was afraid to come to late, therefore I was not going to the supermarket, either. A quarter to 3pm i started from my home to be in time at the Notre Dame Gate, where the Foundation is situated. I had to change bus and the bus no. 2, the only one which is going close to that address, was late. During the ride there were different traffic jams and it took a lot of time to come to the bus stop Hawli, where it had to leave. Fortunately, I was in time anyway.

We were three candidates arriving at the same time. We were called in to the chairman and another man of the foundation one and one. The candidate, who has been there first, were taken in first. She were only for 10 minutes in there, than it was my turn. I have got some questions and – against the statement in the email, I had not to show my certificates. After around 10 minutes also they made their decision and told me, that there will be a second interview and that they will shortlist me to the second interview. I was so surprised by the shortness of this interview that I did not thank them for this.

Before the next interview I have to learn more about the roll of the Maltese in WWII, I think. Because it is that area the guiding will be fore. Also I have to find out, if I can terminate my contract at Besedo without any difficulties. Furthermore I am not sure yet, I really will have this job, because on the job offer it was said, that it is a fulltime job, but the chairman was taking about 9.30am until 5pm, if I had understand him right, 5 days a week. I will wait and see.

This evening It was my first time at a Maltese theatre. It is called “Blue Box” and is only a 15 minutes walk from my home. The play was called “All New People”, see also http://bluebox.azurewebsites.net/Event/3930/. It is a comedy – ok, they call it a black comedy. I thought it was a tragedy. Anyway it was an interesting evening with new impressions. By the way the price was good. I had only to pay 12 EUR for the ticket. There is a more famous theatre on the island, precisely in Valletta called the Manoel Theatre, It is an old one and the prices there are a lot higher. For a good seat you have to pay 60 EUR. I do not know if there are different prices for different kind of plays, but the one I checked where for this price.


28th February

This was the last day of the month. I was up quite early and put my rubish out and was hanging my laundry on the roof, because the weather was nice. It was really warm, so I had to take off my fleece jacket, when I was going to the bus. I was going to Mosta because I found out, that there is a shop selling Epson printers and they also have cartridges for these printers. When I was talking with the shop assistant, she found out, that they do not have cartridges for my printer model, because, they do not sell these printer models. I ask her, if she can order the cartridges for my printer anyway. Though she took my name and phone number and told me, that she will call me on Monday and tell me the result. She will even tell my the price, if it is possible for her to order the cartridges. In the evening I was looking at amazon for the cartrides and the prize.

When I was back from Mosta I took my laundry in, because it seemed, there will be rain soon – but there were only dark cloudes. Anyway my laundry was dry. Afterwards I went to the supermarket and bought enough for a home delivery. When the helper from the supermarket came, D. C. were already with me, trying to help me with my laptop, but he could not do more than me. He promised to ask someone how to make partitions in Linux for helping me, when he will know that. We also talk a little about his interests and he invited me to his studio, so we could paint together. I look forward to that possibility. He will also play the piano for me sometimes.

D. C. had to leave early and continue to his son and grandson, because it was his grandson’s birthday. When D. C. left I took care about the minced beef and minced pork. I prepared eight meals, one of them I ate this day – it was meat sauce. I cooked sphagetti, too and ate it with a Mediterranean salad as a side dish.

The rest of the evening I was on the Internet – listening to D. C.’s songs, continuing on my blog and afterwards I saw movies. I hope the next month will be warmer and have less rainy days.

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