Eventually it Moves Forward

I know, you have been waiting for it and I understand, if you are disappointed that my blog isn’t up to date as my accounts on Instagram (grandma4future) and Facebook (Dorothee Hildebrandt), but I can announce now, that I finished until 31st of October 2022 and I can guarantee, that there are extra ordinary happenings […]

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Neither economy nor health is as good as it could be for many of you. I am sorry about that. Anyway the best Christmas gift I wish all of us is that the climate change will be stopped, that the leaders of the world really seriously take care about our planet and also work for […]

Starting on my Way Home

. COP27 officially is over, but I don’t know the result yet. It seems, there were no progress. In the contrary, there were a lot of CO2 and Methan emissions. Why don’t they meet digital? It would save the environment and reduce the costs enormously. Actually I am very disappointed, because my action – to […]