New Notebook

To serve you better and for not spending all my time on the Internet, I bought a new notebook today. It will be much easier now to write my blog. Unfortunately I had to set up my notebook as well as managing my photos. I hope that I can work with my blog tomorrow after the tour to Mitla.

The following subjects you can wait for:

Tour to the Sumidero Canyon, Misol Ha and Agua Azul – Done! – Scroll down to Palenque and look for the text about the tour.

Tehuantepec in Oaxaca – Done! Tehuantepec was my first place in Oaxaca.

City of Oaxaca including tour to Monte Alban and tour to Mitla. – Done! Scroll down.


Stay tuned as always – thank you!


Tehuantepec is a minor town in the Mexican state of Oaxaca. When I heart about the earthquake in Mexico last year, I heart about Mexico City and the Mexican state of Puebla, but I do not remember, that they also were talking about Oaxaca and Chiapas (San Cristobal de las Casas).

Now I have reached the state of Oaxaca and here are the signs of the earthquake still to see. In the home I am now – with a CS host, the ceiling did not make it all the way, but they are quite lucky, because they still can live here. There are buildings in town, which are totally damaged. The photo above is taken in my hosts home. He told me (I had not even asked him for it), that I was allowed to take photos.

I cannot see any router for Internet here, though you have to wait for more travel reports for some days. By the way, earthquakes happen here daily, most are so small, one did not feel them. Earthquakes between 4 and 5 points on the “Scale of Richter”, I was told, are expected once a day. Because I will be for a while in “the earthquake area”, I will daily send an email to my children and post a message on twitter, but I believe in my Guardian angel and will not change my route.

Stay tuned as usual 😀


San Cristobal de las Casas and Sumidero Canyon

Did I already tell you, that I love mountains? I think I did. I am so happy, that I have found the mountains I like so much even here in Mexico. In a valley inside the mountains is the town San Cristobal de las Casas situated. That is the first Mexican town, that I really like. I like that town even more than Monterrey. In addition to that, the mountains also have a canyon, a canyon where you can go by boat on the river and see the canyon from below. It is amazing! All this you can find in the state of Chiapas.

If you cannot make it to see it with your own eyes, I recommend you to read my site about it, which is easy to find by following the link for Chiapas. – For the photos you have to wait another day. It is worth it.

Enjoy and stay tuned!