Midsummer Eve

In Sweden we are celebrating Midsummer Eve as no other country is doing. I was at Julita Manor this year and did take photos and videos for you. Though you can see, how we do celebrate. You can find the text at June 2019, by scrolling down to 21st June 2019. Enjoy!

Budget Travel

As some of you already know, I was budget travelling last year (2018) for 336 days in a row. My destinations were Mexico, Belize and, on the way home, New York (USA). As a retired person, I have had a tight budget, but with the help of many couchsurfing hosts, I could see most of […]


Actually I found som photographs on my laptop, as well as my elder brother send me some scanned ones. Though I did not only add more text for this time, but can also pamper you with photos. Though I think it is worth to take a new look at the page, which you find in […]