New York, New York

I am further updating my blog and can happily announce, that the site “New York, New York” about my four days visit in this metropole is finished. It has it all: Text, photos and the link to more photos.

The photos at my Google account sometimes may be confusing, because I have so far not the time to add titles to them or descriptions, but I can tell you here, that the ones with the mosaics and the murals are from the subway, line 1. The oldest subway line of New York. The murals from Harlem are very different to those. Compare with the one I added to the text.

I hope you will enjoy reading about this part of my travel as well.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

I wish all my readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Feliz navidad y un feliz año nuevo!

Frohe Weihnachten und ein gutes Neues Jahr!

I am sorry, that I have not updated my blog yet, but I promise I will do it soon. When I came home my children were waiting for me and I had to re-organize my life. It is not so easy to get it work again on my 30 sq m including my kitchenette (without water) and the bathroom. Especially not, because I took home some more of my belongings from the attic of one of my sons. There are still things missing, but I am happy, that I did not take it all at the same time. For the storage I found a solution – IKEA will be happy about it. That means, I will buy one more shelf. I found out, how I can put that in my little home as well. It will make my kitchenette more organized and easier to work in it.

Here in Sweden we celebrate Christmas eve with gifts for the children and sometimes adults as well. We also have that well-known smorgasbord (Swedish: smörgåsbord) with the rice pudding at the end, which hides 1 (one) almond. The lucky (?) one, who gets it, will be married next year, they say. I will soon leave for celebrating Christmas eve with my son Samuel and his family – and I will stay over night there, because it is not easy to go back all the way to my home tonight by public transport.

Tack care about you and for my Spanish friends: Cuídate!


Mariposas Monarkas

One part of my itinerary for Mexico was to see the famos “Monarka” butterflies. They are flying from Canada to the state of Michoacán, where they stay during the winter months. There in the Santa Rosario bio-reserve they stay in the trees in thousands.

I actually did visit them, even it was a long trip and a little expensive. I tried to book a tour, because it would have been the easier way, but there were no more people interested in it than me this day. Though I tried to rent a car. Well at the car rental company the seller asked for a warranty of 18,000 pesos. I did not have that credit card with me, where I would have had the possibility to pay that amount. I had not planned to buy a car!

Therefore I was taking a collectivo to the bus station, asking there, if it is a bus going to one of the communities, in which the bio-reserve is situated. After asking around I had a ticket to Zitacuaro and the bus was leaving soon. Well in Zitacuaro I asked for another bus for the bio-reserve and there was! Asking around between the people, who would even enter this bus, I got to know, that I had to take a “collectivo” in Ocampo. An elderly woman told me, she will change to that “collectivo” as well and took care about me.

This was not all of the adventure, which took me between beautiful mountains to my destination, but more about it you can read soon on the site for the state of Michoacán, Mexico by scrolling down to the 6th December 2018.

Stay tuned!