Will you Follow me to COP27 in Egypt?

I am only three days from the start of my bicycle trip to Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt for COP27 – as a climate activist. I have prepared a lot. It has nearly taken as much time as the tour will last (one way). I haven’t planned my way home from Egypt yet, because I didn’t have time for it. Anyway, I know where I will go on my way home as well.

If you will follow me, you are invited to do it in person – for parts of or the entire trip – on your own expenses. If you haven’t time to follow me in person – or by which reason ever, you can follow me here on my blog, by Facebook, twitter and on YouTube.

Here are the links:


@ForGrandmas: https://twitter.com/ForGrandmas?t=slgyOjaaRB_jkJeubGO0Jg&s=03
@www_traveller: https://twitter.com/www_traveller?t=yewk5yYqx_7JXyBLkQ3HfQ&s=03

YouTube: Dorothee Hildebrandt = https://youtube.com/channel/UCjY1VVAfnar24PhBUbCVzGA

I will be updating mostly on my blog.


For some of my expenses I started a GoFundMe account. The first donation I have got, but they changed their system and now two following donations are somewhere between GoFundMe and my bank account – since nearly three weeks! Though I will delete that account soon. Please don’t donate to me via GoFundMe anymore. If you will donate, for my expenses or for “Loss and damage in the MAPA countries, here: Kenya (for a water project)” ask me for my bank account details. I also try to find a partner for handling donations for the Kenya project.


See you on the road?


  1. Ann-Eli says:

    Vill bara säga att jag tycker du är otroligt cool, modig och inspirerande!! Heja dig!

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