It’s time to bike!

Tomorrow, 1st of September 2021 my #BikingForFuture begins. At 10am I will start at Katrineholms city park (stadsparken). Hopefully I will blog about this serious travel every day, but it depends on wi-fi connections. Anyway you can follow me on a daily basis by checking this link.

I will update you about the issues during this travel as well as about my wonderful hosts, scenic landscapes and border control – especially about the restrictions depending on the pandemic. I will update you, too, about the not so nice parts of my journey – if there will be any.

I hope, that my e-bike and anything of my belongings won’t be stolen. I have done my share to avoid it. I theft-protected my bike and it’s battery and I will have an eye on my belongings all the time. To travel by myself is a challenge, of course. I have to find secure places to buy food or use a bathroom. Anyway: I do it for the climate, though it is worth it. I also secured my home. A friend of mine will check it regularely and my landlord as well.

I have prepared my blog with all the places, where I will stay overnight. There are a lot of towns, where I have not found a host yet respectively, where I think it is too early to look for a host. If you live in one of those places and are ready to host me, please let me know – by facebook (look for Dorothee Hildebrandt), by twitter (@www-traveller; @ForGrandmas) or send me an email (dorotheeinternational [at] gmail [dot] com). Thank you so much.

If you are a journalist you can help me to get attention for the seriousity of the climate change. I hope, there will be an article in every newspaper in every city I stay overnight or maybe – all cities I am coming through. I decided not to ask for funding, because I think, that will not help the climate. I am looking for attention for the climate change and climate emergency and that all politicans no longer will make empty promises, but will act now, thinking about all generations, which will be hurt of this ongoing climate disaster. It is already 5 past twelve. ACT NOW!


  1. Andreas says:

    Amazing, best of luck 🤩🙏☀️

  2. Sandra says:

    I think it’s amazing what you’re doing and it definitely will be worth it! I’ll follow your journey online and I wish you all the best! 🙂

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